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The Greatest Power For Change

 I live in a tough area of the country. Drugs and alcohol abuse run strong and there are as many bars as churches, if not more. It’s the most unchurched county in the state. Teen alcoholism, STDs, and pregnancies run high. There are children as young as four roaming the streets in the town. A few years ago a girl like that was kidnapped and hasn’t been found. It’s a hard place here.

 Yet God has been changing my heart towards it… while I used to have a bitterness and an attitude of scoffing towards the depraved culture, now God has been showing me that this is a place in desperate need of the gospel. No amount of abstinence speakers, police enforcement, parental guidance, or anything else can change this group of small towns that makes up the area I live in. Only the power that can bring about change is the gospel. It’s Jesus’ blood and redemption through His grace.

 We are Christ’s ambassadors. We have the light of the world inside of us and it’s our job to let that light shine. In James is says that whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, he is sinning. We keep the good news of the gospel locked up inside of our hearts, letting it out a little at church or on a missions trip. But if that’s so, do we really value the gospel? The gospel is the power of God, our salvation, hope, water for the thirsty, strength. Do we truly value the gospel if we don’t share it?

 One of my favorite stories about a man who truly valued the gospel was pastor John Harper. He was so in love with the gospel that he jumped into that ice cold water from the ship Titanic so that he would share the gospel to the dying souls drowning in the water. He cherished and prized the gospel enough to tell everyone he could instead of only worrying about his own life and wellbeing. That is how we should be.

 We should be madly in love, infatuated, captivated, enraptured, obsessed, and head over heals for the gospel that we should have a passion to see others find that love too. I know full well how hard it is to break down our pride, to be willing to make things socially awkward, risk friendships, or our reputations to share the good news of forgiveness and life in Christ. I’m still learning how to do it and do not do a good job of sharing the gospel yet. But I pray that God will work in my heart to make His truth so treasured in my heart that I can’t not share it.

 It’s so easy to just hate the sinful culture instead of changing it. Though we are to hate sin, we are to love sinners with a pure heart, one that desires to see sinners lead to repentance and regeneration and ultimately to God. We can’t do the saving on our own, we aren’t even the one that does any of the saving. We are simply the preachers of the good news, the rest is God’s job, not ours.

“Wake Up” Leeland

The nation lost and dying
Searching for You
Creation waits
Children with the word of God
Written on their hearts
Show love to the world

We need to wake up, wake up
Live like God
Pour out love
We need to wake up, wake up
Live like God
Pour out love

I know it’s sad
That the gift we have
We keep it for ourselves
Most of the time
The world is looking
For a love that’s locked up
Inside these four walls
Break the door down and shine

Our face is set
Our goal is heaven
Jesus, You are the well of love
We’ll pour You out
We’ll pour You out

(Note: My dad has some excellent posts on evangelism and the gospel on his new blog Gospel2Live. Go check it out!)


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cimg2559 I was walking along the warm Florida beach last Monday. It was a beautiful day and being in such a warm place while at home was -20 degrees outside was very refreshing. As I walked along I made footprints. There is something about footprints in the sand that has captivated me for a long time. Something so seemingly elegant of a path that shows where you came from and where you are going. I was disapointed when the footprints were soon washed away by the tide.

 It got me thinking if I was making the footprint of my life on sand or cement. As lovely as footprints in the sand may be, they fade quickly. They are there one moment and gone the next with the ever changing tide. Footprints in cement however last for (almost) forever. They make a lasting impression so that even when the cement is dry (especially when it’s dry) they still last.

 Is my life a lasting impression? Will there be signs that I ever touched this world? Am I doing things that will last beyond my own life and change the lives of others? Is what I am doing everyday making an impact on the kingdom of God or eternity?

 Far too often the answer is no. My footprints are only made in the sand… and someday they will be no more. But by God’s grace, hopefully I am leaving more and more footprints in cement. Those that will make a change. I pray that somehow, even in a little way, I can touch this world. I can leave an impression that is not gone once I die but will make a true difference in this world.

 That is one of my prayers for this new year. I want to make sure that my life counts. That can only happen with the help of the Lord because I possess nothing in myself that can make my life count, but through God I can make a difference and leave a legacy. Leaving a legacy is something that most teenagers do not talk about, but life is a passing vapor, and soon we will all be gone.

“What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes” James 4:14b


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Changing The World

 Before I start I want to say I am sorry for my lack of posting. I have been busy, and lazy. I have many ideas I am just poor at saying them the way I want. Without further ado.

 This post came out of a conversation with Josh. He had asked when I started school and when he heard I didn’t start until September he asked me what I was going to change the world before school started. I wasn’t quite sure. There are so many things that are little things. Or don’t make a huge impact in one month (he said this over a week ago). Like my LC2LC campaign (we have gotten over $250 so far) that wont be done til December. Or even the really little things like keeping good attitudes, being helpful and respectful to my parents, being kind to those around me, blogging. All the things that don’t seem to make a difference, but are things that are important to molding who you are going to be. So I was praying last Monday and I asked God for his help on this matter. So I made a list of things to remember while trying to “Change the World”. I think this post will be very helpful for many of you because I know a lot of people that read this that are amazing people with passion to reach the world for Jesus in some way, shape or forum.

  • Pray, ask God how HE wants to use you to change the world, for him
  • Be careful that the focus does not become on yourself, but use it to bring glory to God. It will be hard not wanting to be admired. It is hard to be humble. You will have to be careful not to seek worldly recognition. (Matt. 6:1-4)
  • Do something that you are passionate about.
  • Don’t be afraid to do all the little things that might actually change the world. Don’t underestimate the effect kindness can have on people’s lives. Befriend the friendless. Live a life of devotion to God (including practical out pour), shining his light through you. (Matt. 5:16) Reach out to the outcast. Keep a hopeful and peaceful attitude. Love unconditionally and nonselectivly(I don’t think that is a word, but I can’t think of better wording).
  • Be ready to share Christ with everybody and anybody. (Remember that salvation is the most important thing. Offer living water along with physical water. Offer spiritual freedom with physical freedom.)
    Don’t say any job is too low, but take on Jesus’ attitude to lowly tasks. (John 13:1-17)
  • While trying to “change the world” keep your own spiritual life in high priority. Make sure your own relationship with Christ doesn’t suffer. Keep meeting with God and gaining your strength from him. You will need it.
  • Be quick to give any and all glory back to God.
  • Seek Godly counsel to pray for you and encourage you. To help you sort out what God’s will is for you, and to keep you grounded in humility.

 The humility part is one that I struggle with. I like people to say, “Wow. That is so great!” I want people to pay attention to me and I like to be honored. I need to remember that I can either get rewarded here on earth, or in heaven. The heavenly rewards will be far greater.

 I often see people who want to go out and change the world, yet they don’t want to go out and change their town. Or change their home. They don’t want to do the little things that nobody sees. Those little things might be the most important. The things like being in prayer and Bible reading set the foundation for your entire life. Being kind to a misfit may make all the difference in their life, it could even save their life.

I hope this was a blessing to you.

In Christ,



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