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Sam Finally Has A Blog!

 Ok, those who don’t know who Sam is, he is my older brother. He is a totally awesome guy and one of my closest friends (thought I have barely seen him this summer). I am so excited to be able to read his thoughts! He might even have some of his poetry and song lyrics (if he can find a way to copyright them) on the blog. So please check it out and comment. He just got it started and could use some people to read it. In the words of Trey Edwards, “What good is a blog if no one reads it?” So check it out here: www.speakwords.wordpress.com.

In Christ, Olivia <><

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Some Great Sites I Have Found

I just wanted to share some amazing people and their blogs or websites that I have found. Some of these people (most of them actually) have commented on my blog and I thank them for their insightful comments! So here they are!

  • Youth Of Eternity: This is a blog by my friend Trey Edwards (though we have never met in person since we live a LONG ways away from each other!!!!). He has been helping me with my blog and all that good stuff. Thanks again Trey!!!
  • Random in Christ: This is Meshaay’s blog. Meshaay comments a lot on my blog and other blogs so I was glad to find she had a blog herself. There are some nice discussions on there.
  • Cross-eyed: I feel this instant connection with it’s author Kaysie! She is just a warm, sweet girl (actually she is a woman at age 20), and totally abandoned to Christ. The blog is about keeping our eyes on Christ, the gospel, and the cross. Which is also my passion!!! The girls should check out her other blog below.
  • Alabaster Box: This is Kaysie’s blog for girls and women. It is about giving our everything to Christ and having devotion and love for him like the woman who poured out expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet.
  • Pro Life Teenagers: Eric Novak (who has a very good blog and reads mine from time to time) started this website. There is a petition to sign against abortion and forums that you can apply to. Also other info on abortion and all that good stuff. So if you are pro life and a teen, check it out, and even if you are not, check it out.
  • Beyond Ordinary: This is a blog by my friend Laura that I just found today. I was so excited to read it and it is very good. Laura is a super sweet girl with a really cool accent (I just had to add that I love her accent, very subtly southern, not too over powering, just soothings, and “cozy”). Also she has a great love for Christ.
  • Daniel Osborne: This is one of the guys behind the rebelution website and all you rebelutionaries have probably heard the name before (he also is an Administrator on the forums for you forum people). I was excited to read his blog and I just found it today.

So there are some of the people I would like to recognize and share with you all. PLEASE look at Pro Life Teenagers because it is a very important subject and something that Christians need to fight against!

In Christ,

Olivia (Nobody) <><


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