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Rachel Scott: Ten Year Anniversary of Columbine

 About a year ago around this time I was reading a wonderful book entitled “Rachel’s Tears”, the story of Rachel Scott who was killed in the Columbine school shootings for her faith ten years ago yesterday. Her story has made a big impact in my life and I consider her one of my heros. She lived out her faith in very practicle ways and she was devoted to being the hands and feet of Christ. She showed Christ’s love through befriending the friendless. When she was violently gunned down by two guys that she had actually been praying for, the last thing anyone said to her was “do you still believe in your God now?” 

 Yesterday was the ten year anniversary of the Columbine shooting. A year ago on April 20th I wrote a poem about Rachel on the ninth anniversary of her death. It was one of the first poems I wrote that wasn’t for school or that had a real message to it. So while it wasn’t very good, I wanted to share it with you and also encourage you to look into Rachel’s story more. Also go check our Rachel’s Challenge also the ministry set up in her memory. Without further ado, here is my poem:


Was it a life wasted?

A like only tasted?

She was so young, 

A life only begun. 

Yet she was so ready

Unlike so many. 


Always she’ll be,

Forever seventeen.

Yes, that is a tragedy.

Yet she served as a witness,

 to the faithless.


Her prayers came true,

He used her as a tool

And as our tears fall

We remember she is with God.


It was not a life wasted,

Though only tasted.

She knew,

She was only passing through.

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My Heroes (Part 4 Leslie Ludy)

Leslie Ludy is a modern day woman of God. We easily say that all the amazing Christian women are dead or very old. Now Leslie is only in her thirties and I see her as one of the most influential women on my life (right after my mom and Amy Carmichael). She is the author of one of my favorite books, “Authentic Beauty” and co-author, along with her husband Eric, of “When God Writes Your Love Story”. She has made a great impact on my life.

 Last year at camp one of my counselors (we had two since they weren’t 18 yet) started reading Authentic Beauty to us girls one of the last nights. It sounded so interesting. The first chapter or two was about her life and when my counselor was reading this I wasn’t sure where it was going. So anyway, I borrowed the book and read it during the following month. It really showed me not to be content with being just a nominal, apathetic, “good” Christian girl but to be a set apart, radiant Christian girl. The book is about being set apart. Being one of the few women and girls in every generation that choose to live radical sold out lives for
Christ. It has been part of this last year being the year I grew the most (spiritually) than probably any other year EVER!!!! As camp is approaching it reminds me the amazing journey this last year has been. From Dan Hubbard at camp, to Leslie Ludy’s book, to other speakers and books, this year has been an amazing growing time.

 Now in May I listened to Leslie’s audio series on Sacred Femininity and was deeply impacted. It totally changed my view of beauty!!!! I thought that I had the “Biblical” view on beauty. I mean, it was the same as all the Christian books say “You are beautiful the way you are and you don’t need anything to make you beautiful! Your heart is radiant all by its self.”, but I realized how self centered that thinking is.

 We are NOT good. Nothing about us is good. We are rotten, dirty, bloodstained, sinners deserving of death. There is nothing beautiful about our nature. Only when Jesus comes and redeems us and purifies us from all unrighteousness, do we have any beauty. Leslie used Ezekiel 16. We are truly ugly and gross before Christ comes and makes us beautiful. Only through his death do we have any beauty.

 Leslie talks about the two options that we usually have: either, “You need to look like the anerexic, air brushed supermodels” or “You are fine just the way you are. All you need to do is love yourself!”. Neither of them is right. This should be our outlook on beauty: “I am not beautiful, but by the grace of God I am becoming beautiful. As I become more like Christ, the most beautiful human there ever was, I become more beautiful.” That is a Biblical view of beauty. 

 This audio series made me look at my heart and see that my opinion of beauty was wrong. I realized that 2 songs that I had written were not right “Your beautiful the way you are, he who made the way you are, so don’t worry he made you a star.” and I ended up writing a new song. It is probably one of my best songs yet! It is based off of Ezekiel 16, “In you I have beauty, though only through your mercy. You have redeemed me, made me lovely, without you I am nothing, broken and dirty, but in you. I am Beautiful”

So Leslie has made a huge impact on my life and on my thinking. She has been a great role model of a set apart woman and a Godly woman! She is one of those people that I wish I could be discipled by. She is also been impacted by “MY” Amy Carmichael, which I think is awesome!

 You can find out more about her books and audio series on my resources page. I hope you read some of her books. They are GREAT!!!! Soli Deo Gloria!

In Christ,    Nobody <><


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Independence Day (Give Thanks)

 Well I am going to take a break from my series on my heroes to do a special post for the Fourth of July.

 When we think of fourth of July in America, most of us think of swimming, camping (in you live in a camping crazy state!), parades, fireworks, grilling, and red white and blue(like this post?). But what is the fourth really about? It is our Independence day. The day the Declaration of Independence was sent to the printer. We were officially a country. We were free from the rule of Britain and we were now indepent! It must have been so exciting for all the people that fought in the revolutionary war and the people that had worked for so long to get our freedom! But how often do we forget that? How many times do we take for granted having a democracy? There are a lot of things that I do not like about America, but I am a very patriotic person. I am thankful to live in a place where we have freedom to express ourselves, have decent health care (compared to other parts of the world), and the freedom to worship God. 

 I want to say a big thank you to all the men and women who are serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan!!! We do not give our troops enough credit for risking their lives so we may have our precious freedom! We should stop complaining about Iraq and instead thank the people who chose to be true servants of our country by going to Iraq. I especially want to thank the ones that did not just sign up for the military for the free college, but who did it to serve America. Those are the true heroes!

 We have some close family friends that chose to go over to Iraq. One of them had four Jr. high/Sr. High aged kids. The other is a 20 (or so) guy. I’ll tell you some more about the first one. Mr. D. is a hero to me. Last year he felt God’s call to go to Iraq. He was in the reserves and did not need to go. He had done his duty and yet he volunteered. I think he must have surprised the military officials. It isn’t everyday that someone VOLUTEERS to go to Iraq. Mr. D. is pretty high up in rank and so they tried to get him to go somewhere else. But he wanted Iraq. Mr. D. just got back two weeks ago from his one year tour. He wasn’t put in a dangerous position (he wanted to work with people more) but still, to go to Iraq because you WANT to is a big deal. So I guess that I am in keeping with my hero theme, because he is one of my heroes. He is a man I look up to as a great Christian man and I am so glad to have him back safe and sound. I know his family is all super happy to have him back, the substitute dads (my dad was one of them) can’t compare to having your own dad to do things with you. I just want to say “thank you” to Mr. D. and all the other men and women who have served and are serving as I am writing this, in the war on terrorism.

 So this fourth of July, in the midst of all the fun and festivities, take a moment to think of those defending what we are celebrating: our independence! Take a time to pray for them, for their safety and for their families, who have given them up for a period of time so that we will still have our freedom. And to any military people reading this: Thank you again for all that you have done for this country!

~~~~Soli Deo Gloria~~~~

Nobody <><

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My Heroes (Part 2, my Parents)

 Some of my heroes are my parents. My siblings and I know better than anyone that they aren’t perfect, but God has truly blessed me with Godly, amazing parents. So I am going to take the time to tell you some about them and “Rise and call her (or them) ‘blessed'”. I’ll start with my Daddy!

 My dad has been such an example of a gentleman for me. He has shown me for as long as I can remember, that a “real” guy will cherish me and honor me. He cares about my heart and that just makes me choke up thinking of it. My friend and I joke around that we will never get married because her dad is a cop and my dad is a lawyer turned pastor! : ) But I truly love how much my dad cares for me. Last year my dad gave me some of my favorite advice I have ever received, “There are only 2, no 3, guys that you should ever care about what they think of you. God, me, and your future husband.” That bit of advice has meant so much to me. I have a daddy that has taken me on “daddy dates” even to this day (we need to have one again). I am so blessed to have a dad that is SO theology smart. I can go to him with all my questions on the Bible and theology. He doesn’t have all the answers, but he is still a huge help. My dad works so hard to provide for us. He has also shown me to wait on the Lord and to follow God’s path for us. My family has struggled with trying to find God’s plan for us and my dad has been excellent on saying “no” to something we may want, because he knows (or believes) that it isn’t God’s plan.

My Mom:

 My mom has decided to stay home with us and teach us, and for that I am SO thankful. Both my parents sacrificed so much so that we could be homeschooled and I want them to know how thankful I am for that. My mom puts in so many hours and has given up so much, just for us! My mom has been such a supporter of my dreams!!!! She has always given me her thoughts and her encouragement. She has been a great help with helping me with my writing, singing, and piano. She is a woman of prayer and has been praying for me since she was a girl. My mom is always there to talk about whatever I need and has put so much effort into my life.

 My parents have shown me what Godly people are. They have trained me in the word of God and have sacrificed SO much for me. My dad drove an hour last winter, so that I could go to a close friend’s birthday party. My parents have sacrificed money so that I could play violin and viola and piano. They have used their time to teach me many valuable things. They have listened to all my hopes and dreams (even the crazy ones) and have given me advice on which ones to pursue. They are AMAZING and I love them SO much! They are some of my heroes and have made such a difference in my life.

In Christ Alone,

Nobody <><

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My Heroes (Part 1, Amy)

Well I have many heroes. Many people have impacted my lives by the way they have lived theirs. I thought I would start this series on one of my biggest role models and heroes, Amy Carmichael.

Amy lived over a hundred years ago in Ireland. She was the oldest of eight kids and was the one that got everyone ELSE in trouble. She was always spunky (like me right?). When she was in her late teens she started working with the poor women and children in her town. She worked tierlessly with the shawlies (who worked in factories and were so poor they wore shawls instead of a coat and a hat) and the little “ragamuffins” of the town. She built a place of worship for these poor women to meet for services and prayer.

The Carmichael family made a magazine called Scraps where the family contributed drawings, poetry, and some of Amy’s articles. All of the children took on pen names, from one of the younger boy’s S.S.I (Silly Silly Idiot) to Amy’s “Nobody”. (If you didn’t get it, that’s where I got my name.)

I’ll skip over allot of Amy’s personal life and skip to her work. She went to Japan for a while when she felt the call of God on her heart to missions. She was there for awhile, but she got sick and was forced to leave. Later, in 1895, at 27 years of age, Amy left for India. She stayed there for 56 years! Without a single furlough!

When in India, Amy found some very disturbing problems. From having missionaries that sat around and ate bon-bons (more or less) to seeing young girls be given to temples as prostitutes to appease the “gods”. She found the last one the most disturbing and decided to stop it. In 1901 she “kidnapped” (rescued) her first girl, her name was Preena (If you want her full story, contact me, I wrote a speech on it.). More and more girls came to live with Amy and her small family of native believers. Some girls were given by their parents because in the Hindu religion girls weren’t as valuable as boys, other girls ran away from temples or the older girls ran away from their families, who were abusing them because of their faith. Then in 1918 she had her first boy, which grew into more and more.

Amy never married, but she had hundreds of children. Amy touched thousands of lives, through her work with the shawlies, the Japanese people, the Indian people, through her writings, and through her example. Her work is still continued to this day.

Amy’s impact on me:

 Amy has made such an impact on my life! Her faith and devotion is so inspiring to me. God used her rebellion for his glory, which is one of my biggest prayers. She was a rebel with a reason, and a very good one at that. She definitely falls under the category of rebelutionary (those of you who don’t know what that is, talk to me).

  Amy did more than just give me an example of faith, she showed me India. Ever since I was 7 and I read a biography on her, I have had a passion to reach people in India with the gospel. I know that sounds young, but God uses whoever he pleases. Amy showed me the pain behind India, yet shared her love for the people. India isn’t just India, it’s MY India!


I want all of you to learn more about this amazing woman. She has written some books, look them up on Amazon and Google her, look her up on Wikipedia. One book written ABOUT her is A CHANCE TO DIE, THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF AMY CARMICHAEL. It is written by Elisabeth Eliot (who’s husband was Jim Eliot, who’s story is in the move End of The Spear.) and I am currently reading it. It is awesome and a very good look at her life, including interesting stories.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about the woman who’s name this blog came from. May God bless you and keep you. Soli Deo Gloria

Nobody <><  <><

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