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My Heroes (Part 2, my Parents)

 Some of my heroes are my parents. My siblings and I know better than anyone that they aren’t perfect, but God has truly blessed me with Godly, amazing parents. So I am going to take the time to tell you some about them and “Rise and call her (or them) ‘blessed'”. I’ll start with my Daddy!

 My dad has been such an example of a gentleman for me. He has shown me for as long as I can remember, that a “real” guy will cherish me and honor me. He cares about my heart and that just makes me choke up thinking of it. My friend and I joke around that we will never get married because her dad is a cop and my dad is a lawyer turned pastor! : ) But I truly love how much my dad cares for me. Last year my dad gave me some of my favorite advice I have ever received, “There are only 2, no 3, guys that you should ever care about what they think of you. God, me, and your future husband.” That bit of advice has meant so much to me. I have a daddy that has taken me on “daddy dates” even to this day (we need to have one again). I am so blessed to have a dad that is SO theology smart. I can go to him with all my questions on the Bible and theology. He doesn’t have all the answers, but he is still a huge help. My dad works so hard to provide for us. He has also shown me to wait on the Lord and to follow God’s path for us. My family has struggled with trying to find God’s plan for us and my dad has been excellent on saying “no” to something we may want, because he knows (or believes) that it isn’t God’s plan.

My Mom:

 My mom has decided to stay home with us and teach us, and for that I am SO thankful. Both my parents sacrificed so much so that we could be homeschooled and I want them to know how thankful I am for that. My mom puts in so many hours and has given up so much, just for us! My mom has been such a supporter of my dreams!!!! She has always given me her thoughts and her encouragement. She has been a great help with helping me with my writing, singing, and piano. She is a woman of prayer and has been praying for me since she was a girl. My mom is always there to talk about whatever I need and has put so much effort into my life.

 My parents have shown me what Godly people are. They have trained me in the word of God and have sacrificed SO much for me. My dad drove an hour last winter, so that I could go to a close friend’s birthday party. My parents have sacrificed money so that I could play violin and viola and piano. They have used their time to teach me many valuable things. They have listened to all my hopes and dreams (even the crazy ones) and have given me advice on which ones to pursue. They are AMAZING and I love them SO much! They are some of my heroes and have made such a difference in my life.

In Christ Alone,

Nobody <><

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What am I doing with my life?

 I thought that I should tell you guys some more about myself. I know that there is the “About Me” page, but I want to share some information that will change with time. I want to tell you all what I am doing with my life right NOW. Lately God has used me in some amazing ways. The reason I want to tell you about them is not for me to boast, or for me to be glorified, but to have Christ be glorified through me. For it is not I that does good, but Christ in me. So here are some things that I have done this June and will do in July.

Well for those of you who don’t know, I am a rebelutionary. The Rebelution has brought some really cool opportunities. The night after I read “Do Hard Things” (Go to resources) my dad encouraged me to lead a study of the book with my friends. Now this is a “hard thing” for me. I enjoy leading, it’s keeping people on subject that I struggle with. See I am like my friends in the way that we all get off track. But we have had two studies so far and they have gone great! All 5 girls are older than me and it is proof that God can use an (almost) teen to teach others.

 I also had the chance to go to the Rebelution conference last Saturday (the 21st) and I made a connection through the rebelution forums to volunteer at the conference. So my brother and I both ended up helping with registration. I had a blast. The girl I worked with was really cool, I got to meet the guy from the forum(and talk to him for awhile), I got to meet the youth pastor at Bethlehem Baptist church (John Piper’s church), and I got to meet Alex and Brett’s right hand man Joseph. I also got to talk to Alex and see my cousins. It was sweet.

 I mentioned Loose Change 2 Loosen Chains (LC2LC) in my post on slavery. Well I am trying to get my church to raise money through LC2LC for the international Justice Mission. I am going to be working on my proposal tonight and will send it to my Sr. Pastor and if he approves it I’ll be bringing it before the deacons and if they approve it I will be starting to raise funds inbetween July 17th and December 2 (the day for justice and the day for the abolition of slavery). I will be presenting this to my church. My dad is already backing me up and showing me how to go about this. This whole thing scares me a little, especially the part about going to the deacons, but I know that “I can do all things through him who strengthens me”.

 I think this would be a good a time as any to say thank you to Trey Edwards (his blog is He has helped me with making this blog and has answered all my tech questions (even the really dumb ones)and walked me through everything. Thanks again Trey!!!!! : )

Well these are some of the big things going on in my life. I also have camp and my birthday coming up this month. Along with violin stuff and babysitting. Just thought I would let you guys know what is going on in my life, so you can know me a little better.

~~~~Soli Deo Gloria~~~~

[Update: I forgot to mention something that I have had a chance to be a part of. The same guy from the forum (Caleb) that helped me with volunteering for the Do Hard Things conference, is interested in film making and we are working on a script together. It is really cool! We are working out the story line right now and after we get that all organized, I will start writing a script, with guidance and help from him. So keep this in your prayers and I will let you know some more info when I get it. If any of you have ideas for fundraising or would like to help (financially maybe?) or want to more about it, contact me (I’ll have an email address for you guys by the end of this week at the latest). ]


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Who are you?

[New update: I have 222 views. And it has only been a little more than a week. I was disappointed to find that today I only got 1 view :( !!! I hadn’t posted much and it is Fourth of July weekend so I understand. It would be cool to get a lot of traffic though! Soli Deo Gloria!)

{Up date, I now have 167 views!!!! YAY!! This is going really good. So remember to tell me who you are and to subscribe to the blog! May God bless you. Olivia}

Hey all!

Well I was checking my stats for the blog and there has been 73 views(and for just 3 days, I think that is pretty good). Now I know a few of you that have visited the blog, but most of you I have no clue who you are. So if you could leave a comment telling me who you are, that would be great! Thanks in advance.

In Christ Alone, Olivia/Nobody <><


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My Dog Eats Strange Things

 Some of you who know me well have probably heard plenty of stories of my dog. His name is Kermit the Dog, he is a year and a half and is just about the cutest thing EVER! (He is a cacapoo and when he goes without a hair cut, he looks like a miniature English sheep dog!) He has a really cute personality and loves people and his ball (he comes running when we say the word “ball”). The one bad part is the presents he leaves (once inbetween my brother’s sheets!). Oh ya; He also eats some very strange things!

Here is a list of some of the things he has eaten.

  • Plastic bags (ALL the Time!)
  • Bags with fabric in them. (Why he would do that I have no clue!)
  • Kleenex (not too strange I guess.)
  • Shoes (another common one)
  • Candles (why he likes wax who knows!)
  • wicker (Yes, wicker, and more than once!)and my favorite,
  • Fiber glass (how he survived I do not know. My dad was pretty ticked though!)

So far all my posts have been posts with lessons, so you may be wondering why I would put something as random as the strange things that my dog eats. Well this does have a purpose to it. See Kermie likes to eat these thing, even though they are NOT good for him what so ever. He just enjoys the taste of wicker in his mouth, yet it can hurt him.

We as humans do the same thing. We like to have what can hurt us. We desire what devours us. It is part of the lies that the devil throws at us. So many things seem so good to our flesh, yet they really will just hurt us. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of flesh, it is our sinful nature.

Just Like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, sin looks SO tempting, even when we know that it will hurt us. We say to ourselves, “Just one little bite wont hurt me.” when in reality, that one little bite is what will kill us. Sadly, until we get to heaven (assuming you are a Christian) we will always have to fight off sin. Paul talks about in Romans how he wants to do right, but the flesh is so strong, the poison apples so enticing, and he is so imperfect. Jesus tells his disciples many times the night before his crucifiction, “The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

We can not win the fight against sin by ourselves. That is the plain truth. I know that sounds very depressing and pessimistic, but it is true. We can not win, But Christ can. God promises not to tempt us beyond our ability. He can bear every temptation that we are given, if we let him. He tells us to pray so that we don’t enter into temptation. When we become Christians, we are given the desire to do right, we don’t always do it. I know that I have the desire to do right, I just don’t always choose to do so.

Let’s face it. The right thing is usually the hard thing. And we usually run away from hard things. They don’t sound “fun” or “exciting”, but they are often necessary. Whenever I use the phrase “hard things” or :”do hard things” I think of the rebelution and Alex and Brett Harris. They know full well that running from temptation is a hard thing, but they also realize that all effort, even failed effort, builds muscles. The more we strive to fight sin, the better we become at it.

Just to clarify something, when we become Christians we are saved right away. We are Justified immediately. What I am talking about is the process of sanctification. Which is the process of becoming more like Christ. Becoming holy. We can’t do it on our own but Christ in us can.

I hope you all learned something from my very strange dog. If he was able to understand, I am sure he would be honored. May God bless you all.

~~~Soli Deo Gloria~~~

Nobody <><

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My Heroes (Part 1, Amy)

Well I have many heroes. Many people have impacted my lives by the way they have lived theirs. I thought I would start this series on one of my biggest role models and heroes, Amy Carmichael.

Amy lived over a hundred years ago in Ireland. She was the oldest of eight kids and was the one that got everyone ELSE in trouble. She was always spunky (like me right?). When she was in her late teens she started working with the poor women and children in her town. She worked tierlessly with the shawlies (who worked in factories and were so poor they wore shawls instead of a coat and a hat) and the little “ragamuffins” of the town. She built a place of worship for these poor women to meet for services and prayer.

The Carmichael family made a magazine called Scraps where the family contributed drawings, poetry, and some of Amy’s articles. All of the children took on pen names, from one of the younger boy’s S.S.I (Silly Silly Idiot) to Amy’s “Nobody”. (If you didn’t get it, that’s where I got my name.)

I’ll skip over allot of Amy’s personal life and skip to her work. She went to Japan for a while when she felt the call of God on her heart to missions. She was there for awhile, but she got sick and was forced to leave. Later, in 1895, at 27 years of age, Amy left for India. She stayed there for 56 years! Without a single furlough!

When in India, Amy found some very disturbing problems. From having missionaries that sat around and ate bon-bons (more or less) to seeing young girls be given to temples as prostitutes to appease the “gods”. She found the last one the most disturbing and decided to stop it. In 1901 she “kidnapped” (rescued) her first girl, her name was Preena (If you want her full story, contact me, I wrote a speech on it.). More and more girls came to live with Amy and her small family of native believers. Some girls were given by their parents because in the Hindu religion girls weren’t as valuable as boys, other girls ran away from temples or the older girls ran away from their families, who were abusing them because of their faith. Then in 1918 she had her first boy, which grew into more and more.

Amy never married, but she had hundreds of children. Amy touched thousands of lives, through her work with the shawlies, the Japanese people, the Indian people, through her writings, and through her example. Her work is still continued to this day.

Amy’s impact on me:

 Amy has made such an impact on my life! Her faith and devotion is so inspiring to me. God used her rebellion for his glory, which is one of my biggest prayers. She was a rebel with a reason, and a very good one at that. She definitely falls under the category of rebelutionary (those of you who don’t know what that is, talk to me).

  Amy did more than just give me an example of faith, she showed me India. Ever since I was 7 and I read a biography on her, I have had a passion to reach people in India with the gospel. I know that sounds young, but God uses whoever he pleases. Amy showed me the pain behind India, yet shared her love for the people. India isn’t just India, it’s MY India!


I want all of you to learn more about this amazing woman. She has written some books, look them up on Amazon and Google her, look her up on Wikipedia. One book written ABOUT her is A CHANCE TO DIE, THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF AMY CARMICHAEL. It is written by Elisabeth Eliot (who’s husband was Jim Eliot, who’s story is in the move End of The Spear.) and I am currently reading it. It is awesome and a very good look at her life, including interesting stories.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about the woman who’s name this blog came from. May God bless you and keep you. Soli Deo Gloria

Nobody <><  <><

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Proof That Jesus Rose From The Dead

People often ask, “How do you know that Jesus rose from dead?” and it is one of the biggest controversies of our time. There are bucket loads of proof, books filled with them and I encourage you to study this in-depth. I want to focus on something my mom pointed out as we studied the history of the Church this year in school.

We were studying the very first persecutions of the church. In the time of Nero, when Peter and Paul were killed for their faith. We were talking about how, Christianity was growing in that time rather than diminishing, like Nero planned. Why is that? Because the people made logic of something, if this (that Jesus rose again from the dead) wasn’t true these people would not be willing to die for their faith. If Peter and the disciples had made up the resurrection then they would know that it wasn’t true and would have denied their faith.

Some of the people who died in the persecution by Nero were eye-witnesses. They had seen the risen Jesus so they KNEW that he had rose. Who would be willing to die for a lie? If you knew something was NOT true, why would die to defend it? The answer is, you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t die for something that is a lie.

So here you have another bit of proof that Jesus did indeed rise from the dead. So next time people ask you how you can know that Jesus didn’t stay dead, you can share this little tidbit. May God bless you all.

~~~~Soli Deo Gloria~~~~ <><  <><


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If you are like me you have dreamed about pre-civil war times, about working on the underground rail road. I have always loved stories of runaway slaves. I always could see myself helping them get their freedom.

Now I have my chance. Slavery is still present today, even in America. There is an estimated 27 MILLION people in slavery, even as we speak. Which is more than any other time in history. And yet we are sitting by passively, not even knowing it exists.

Well, not everybody. As our world is becoming more and more aware of slavery, people are stepping up to the plate. People who are giving up their time and money to seek justice. One of these persons is Zach Hunter.

When Zach was twelve when he heard that slavery still existed. He KNEW he had to do something, so he did. He heard that there is about $10.5 BILLION in loose change in all the homes in America. He got the idea that people could use that money to help end slavery, and that was how Loose Change 2 Loosen Chains (LC2LC) was born.

You may be wondering HOW people can get into slavery. (Just to clarify, slavery is illegal in EVERY country.) Well sometimes a person will get into a debt and when he can’t pay the other person back, that person will take advantage of the situation and trick the person into slavery. Sometimes, in other countries, a person will tell a family that they will take their son or daughter to get an education (or even to America), but will really put them into slavery. And sometimes people are blackmailed into it.

 What slaves do can be anything from young girls in brothels to adults making bricks. There are rug makers that uses slaves as well as cocoa and cigerates manufactures. (Just to note rugmark is an organization that insures that their rugs are not made by slaves or children.)

 Over half the slaves in the world are children. Which bring me back to LC2LC. LC2LC is an organization that has kids helping kids. It is student led and student “fed”. Zach Hunter wrote a book, just over a year ago, called Be The Change. I recommend it to all. It has more information about LC2LC and how you can work to stop slavery.

As Christians we are called to stand up for justice. Isaiah 1:17 says, “Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, and plead the widows cause.” and Micah 6:8 says, “He has shown me O man what is good; and what the lord requires of me but to act justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.” So we are ordered to pursue justice. Now that you know about modern day slavery, you have to act. Free the Slaves, International Justice Mission, and LC2LC, are great organizations to give to. IJM and Free the Slaves has plenty more information on slavery too. (for Free the Slaves) and (for the International Justice Mission). Check these out!

Happy abolishing!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Nobody <><  <><  <><

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The beauty of death

I want to lead you in exploring the beauty of martyrdom and persecution. You may think, “She thinks that dying is beautiful? It’s official, She has lost her mind!” Well you may be right on the part of me loosing my mind, but dying can be beautiful, and it is. I want to take you back over two thousand years to Israel.

There Jesus stumbled, tiered, bloody, abandoned, and hated. He struggled beneath the load of the cross that he was to die on. It was to much for his body and he fell to the ground. They grabbed a man from the crowd and told him to carry this man’s cross. Jesus made it to the place of the scull, the place that was scorned and cursed. The roman cross was lain on the ground so they could lay him on it. As his back touched the coarse wood he must have groaned. It would have felt like fire on the flesh torn back. They took his hands, at the wrist and pounded the huge metal spike through the bone. It was horrible pain. Then as the cross went into the ground with a loud thud the worst of it began. He had to pull himself up, meanwhile scraping his gouged back against the splintering wood, just to get a breath.

And as he slowly died, he found no comfort, because his father had turned his face from him. He was bearing every sin the world had ever committed or ever was to commit. The feeling of being far from God was more than he could bare. He must have longed to call the angels to rescue him, longed to not go through with the days that were before him. But he did. He went through the worst spiritual suffering that can be imagined along with the intense physical pain. And he did it for us.

He knew that the pain, the suffering, the separation from God was worth it. Because it meant that we could be reconciled to God. There is a quote that I love dearly. I can’t remember who it is by but it goes like this, “The reason that Christ can ask for everything from us, is because He gave EVERYTHING to us.” As I was explaining to my group of first graders at VBS just this morning, when we give stuff (and even our life) to God, it’s a way of saying “Thank you” for saving us.

He died so that we could be reconciled to God (1 Timothy 2:5). He did it out of immense love. It was the most beautiful thing that the world has ever witnessed. Among the grief and pain, there was love. The most beautiful man to ever walk he earth was covered in blood. He told us that the way to beauty was through his death. Through his death we have life, we have joy, we are free from the burden of sin!

Now let me take you to another scene. It is a dark prison chamber and a man lays on the dirty floor because he lacks the strength to stand. His abuser had left little life in him. The man uses the wall to pull himself to his knees. He lifts his hands slowly, drawing strength from an unknown source. “Oh Lord, thank you that I may suffer to bring glory to your name. You gave everything to me, so I will give it back to you. I pray for my enemies, that you will touch them with the light of your love. Thank you for giving me the power to forgive. I am weak, but you make me strong. Take me home to be with you.”

The next day a man comes in and asks one more time, “Will you put behind you the foolishness of your religion? Deny your faith. This is your last chance.”

“I will not deny the one that did not deny me. He stayed faithful when he wanted to run away, how can I betray him? He never has left me, so how can I leave him. I do not fear death, for to die is gain because I will go to my precious Jesus. I will be in my home. My flame will not go out because I go, but it will spread and grow. Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it shall not produce fruit. I shall choose to die and bring glory to my redeemer through it.” Then there was a loud shot that rung through the building. The next words that the man heard were, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter now into the kingdom of God.”

That story is not one that is based on a certain person. It is in some ways fictional, but this has happened before in many countries, both in the past and in the present. I always get teary eyed at the thought of such love and devotion. The beauty overwhelms me as I think of the honor to die for Jesus, the honor to die for the one who redeemed my spirit and who has given me life.

Most of us have been asked before if we would die for your faith. We usually say that we would. That is just the “good” Sunday school answer. But next time you are asked that question think of the verse, “To live is Christ, THEREFORE, to die is gain.” If we can’t live for Christ and stay strong when the small things happen, how can we expect to be able to face death? If we can’t up for our faith around our friends, who might make us unpopular and uncool, how can we expect to stand up for our faith around communists, who might kill you? “Blessed are you when people hate you and when they exclude you and relive you and spurn your name as evil, on account of the son of man” So we will be blessed and honored for being persecuted for our faith.

I love the idea that Randy Alcorn has from his book Safely Home, of in heaven having a wall of martyrs. This wall in his book has the name of every person who ever died for Jesus, starting with Stephen. Now I do not know if this is how it is in heaven, there is a good chance it is not like this, but it reminds us of the honor and privilege it is to die for our faith.

I hope and pray that all of you reading this will understand what I am saying and put it into action. That when you are faced with a time were you have to stand up for our faith, that you will stand up proudly and boldly. For we do not boast in anything, no gift, no power, no wisdom, but we will boast in Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection. To God be the glory.

Nobody <><  <><  <><

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Out of Goats

Hi all! This is my first post and I hope you enjoy. This is an article (and now it’s a blog) that I wrote a while back. Soli Deo Gloria

One day I was reading in my bible about the laws for peace (or sin) offerings in Leviticus and when they got through the laws of what the leaders of Israel and other important figures had to do they got to the everyday people. The “common” people as my Bible put it. And it said that they must give a goat or lamb spotless, without a speck of blemish. And this was for every time they did anything against the ten commandments unintentionally. It got me thinking, “I would be out of goats so fast!”

I am considered a “good girl” I defiantly don’t go around killing people and I don’t steal. I don’t go around trying to break the ten commandments or anything, but I know that I fall so short. At the end of the day I have regrets, things I wished I wouldn’t of done, things I wished I would have done, and stinky attitudes.

Every day I worship my idols, I put other thing before God. I tell God no and tell myself that other things are more important than spending time with him. I don’t always honor my parents either (I don’t know any teenager who always kept that one). And there are others I struggle with too. On a daily basis I break so many of the ten commandments, but we as Christians are so blessed.

Instead of giving a goat or a lamb EVERY time we do anything wrong we can come to Jesus. He has been our sacrifice and through the cross we are forgiven. It is truly amazing! We are free from our sins, and we are free from the guilt that comes along with sin too. We are 100% forgiven. And as it says in Psalms 103:12, “As far as the east is from the west so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” Now the east and the west never meet. They are as far apart as can be, they’re parallel.

Now we will still have to face consequences for our stupid actions but God has forgiven us. Think of our parents. When we were little(and even now) and did naughty things our parents forgave us, but they still disciplined us. If they never disciplined us we would turn out as spoiled brats. It’s the same way with God. He loves us and forgives us but he also disciplines us but not because he hates us or wants us to be miserable but because he loves us and wants us to learn from our mistakes.

If he never disciplined us we would take advantage of God and become brats. We would also never learn from our mistakes. Doesn’t it feel so good to think that God will always forgive us? He has done it once and for all, and all we have to do is ask. All we have to do is repent. Or course we need to do a 180 too. We need to turn from our sins (that is a big part of repenting).

None of us will ever be perfect but with God’s help we can become more and more like Christ. Which is something we are commanded to do(1 Thessalonians 4:1). If Christ has redeemed us we will want to serve him and become more like him. One of my favorite quotes is “God only asks one thing from us, everything. The reason God can ask everything of us is because he gave everything.”

The point of all of this is be thankful. We don’t realize how amazing it is that we are forgiven. Take time just to thank God for His grace and mercy. It’s an amazing thing. Also, be thankful that we don’t have to sacrifice goats and lambs. We all know we would be out of them before we could blink.

Nobody <><  <><  <><

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