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The Paradox of Freedom


The Paradox of Freedom

Surrounded by a sea of people celebrating liberty

Little could they see that they are bound in slavery.

In the light of the day

The darkness was still their way.

Decked in red, white, and blue

Holding their favorite brew,

They are enslaved

Not knowing that they need to be saved.

Their bodies are unshackled

Their souls are chained.

Yet they don’t understand.

In the land of the brave and the free

So many are living in captivity.

Those of us who have been released,

Will we stay silent while our brothers decease?


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Independence Day (Give Thanks)

 Well I am going to take a break from my series on my heroes to do a special post for the Fourth of July.

 When we think of fourth of July in America, most of us think of swimming, camping (in you live in a camping crazy state!), parades, fireworks, grilling, and red white and blue(like this post?). But what is the fourth really about? It is our Independence day. The day the Declaration of Independence was sent to the printer. We were officially a country. We were free from the rule of Britain and we were now indepent! It must have been so exciting for all the people that fought in the revolutionary war and the people that had worked for so long to get our freedom! But how often do we forget that? How many times do we take for granted having a democracy? There are a lot of things that I do not like about America, but I am a very patriotic person. I am thankful to live in a place where we have freedom to express ourselves, have decent health care (compared to other parts of the world), and the freedom to worship God. 

 I want to say a big thank you to all the men and women who are serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan!!! We do not give our troops enough credit for risking their lives so we may have our precious freedom! We should stop complaining about Iraq and instead thank the people who chose to be true servants of our country by going to Iraq. I especially want to thank the ones that did not just sign up for the military for the free college, but who did it to serve America. Those are the true heroes!

 We have some close family friends that chose to go over to Iraq. One of them had four Jr. high/Sr. High aged kids. The other is a 20 (or so) guy. I’ll tell you some more about the first one. Mr. D. is a hero to me. Last year he felt God’s call to go to Iraq. He was in the reserves and did not need to go. He had done his duty and yet he volunteered. I think he must have surprised the military officials. It isn’t everyday that someone VOLUTEERS to go to Iraq. Mr. D. is pretty high up in rank and so they tried to get him to go somewhere else. But he wanted Iraq. Mr. D. just got back two weeks ago from his one year tour. He wasn’t put in a dangerous position (he wanted to work with people more) but still, to go to Iraq because you WANT to is a big deal. So I guess that I am in keeping with my hero theme, because he is one of my heroes. He is a man I look up to as a great Christian man and I am so glad to have him back safe and sound. I know his family is all super happy to have him back, the substitute dads (my dad was one of them) can’t compare to having your own dad to do things with you. I just want to say “thank you” to Mr. D. and all the other men and women who have served and are serving as I am writing this, in the war on terrorism.

 So this fourth of July, in the midst of all the fun and festivities, take a moment to think of those defending what we are celebrating: our independence! Take a time to pray for them, for their safety and for their families, who have given them up for a period of time so that we will still have our freedom. And to any military people reading this: Thank you again for all that you have done for this country!

~~~~Soli Deo Gloria~~~~

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