Proof That Jesus Rose From The Dead

People often ask, “How do you know that Jesus rose from dead?” and it is one of the biggest controversies of our time. There are bucket loads of proof, books filled with them and I encourage you to study this in-depth. I want to focus on something my mom pointed out as we studied the history of the Church this year in school.

We were studying the very first persecutions of the church. In the time of Nero, when Peter and Paul were killed for their faith. We were talking about how, Christianity was growing in that time rather than diminishing, like Nero planned. Why is that? Because the people made logic of something, if this (that Jesus rose again from the dead) wasn’t true these people would not be willing to die for their faith. If Peter and the disciples had made up the resurrection then they would know that it wasn’t true and would have denied their faith.

Some of the people who died in the persecution by Nero were eye-witnesses. They had seen the risen Jesus so they KNEW that he had rose. Who would be willing to die for a lie? If you knew something was NOT true, why would die to defend it? The answer is, you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t die for something that is a lie.

So here you have another bit of proof that Jesus did indeed rise from the dead. So next time people ask you how you can know that Jesus didn’t stay dead, you can share this little tidbit. May God bless you all.

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6 responses to “Proof That Jesus Rose From The Dead

  1. challengingteens

    I agree with you. It is also a matter of faith that we believe that Jesus rose from the dead and that God is there.

    • Alan

      How can this be seen as PROOF that Jesus rose from the dead – perhaps it can be taken as reasonable evidence (at best) that those people BELIEVED that Jesus had risen from the dead, and guided by the promises of eternal life or the threat of damnation, they were happy to die for their BELIEF.

      This “PROOF” is no better than that given by any cult which is willing to die for the lies of their leaders.

      Christianity is a sect that grew unnaturally quickly for a variety of reasons – and of course, how reliable are 2000 year old texts, translated and mutated beyond recognition?

      There is no PROOF in what you have written – there is merely substantial evidence that your BELIEFS cause you to see differently from those who have not been steeped to the point of suffocation in religious faith.

      Just an opinion from one of “God’s children”.

  2. For a really good sermon on this topic, check out Mark Driscoll’s sermon “Did Jesus really rise from the dead?” You can download it here —

    I like the point he makes about Jesus’ brothers and mother worshiped him as God. ANyone with siblings knows how impossible this worship would be without the resurrection!

  3. randominchrist

    That’s right! It’s so unfortunate, though, that even this won’t convince some people. They’ve chosen to believe lies. Only God can make them see the Truth.

  4. Aloha
    One thing for sure as long as one has respect for self, others and are fully responsible for ones actions, regardless who or what one wants to believe is their God, If there happens to be a place other then the heaven and hell that is on Earth, one will get a key.
    One can hear what one says, but one can see what one does, seeing is believing, if one is going to talk the talk, one should also walk the walk, action is much louder then words.
    Wishing all inner-wealth, health, happiness and peace regardless who or what one prays to.

  5. Stephen

    I would ask, how do you know that Peter and Paul were killed for their faith. Don’t make the mistake of assuming these things are “common knowledge” because someone said they are. If this is true, you should be able to very easily find secular proof of their matyrdom. I used to believe. But once I went to look for the secular evidence of all of the common claims I had believed in, there was none to be found. I could continue to hold to church tradition as fact (realizing that there was conflict of interest), I could continue to hold to the gospels as truth (even though they were written decades after Jesus’ death and many of them don’t agree with each other on facts), or I could demand evidence outside of the Bible to substantiate these claims. I chose the later because I don’t see any virtue in faith for the sake of faith. There really is no compelling evidence to support the stories of the Bible. As much as I’ve looked and as much as I want there to be, there just is not.

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