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Short Answers

So my dear friend Abigail (oh you’ve all heard about her a million times!) has started a new fabulous feature called “Short Answers” asking little children (your own children, siblings, or whatever young kids you can find…) random questions and writing down their answers to share with the world! This first instalment just happened to fall on Hudson’s third birthday. I know I’ve talked very little about my little sweet chivalrous man, but hopefully you’ll get to know him better in the future. (I really need to get a post about the boys…) Corina, my younger sister is 12 but has severe learning disabilities and she always keeps us laughing with her mix ups and things she says. We adopted her from Romania when she was 4 and her language skills still aren’t very great.

This is going to be so fun and you’ll see the craziness of the little siblings I love so much! (Note: Most of Hudson’s answers will make no sense. He just turned three today!)

What year were you born?

Nina: For me? I was born in 1999… I don’t know what born in! I don’t know what I born in Olivia!

Hudson: Like umm, mommy’s house.

Why do people wear deodorant?

Corina: Because to smell.

Hudson: Because an no no a chair (there was a lot of gibberish between the because and chair.)

What would you buy if you had a million dollars?

Nina: I’de buy a car or a electric scooter, electric scooter and I would want to buy a phone and… is a computer a million dollars? I’d buy a computer. And my own kid. And don’t you dare laugh about that.

Hudson: something something Truck.

Would you buy Olivia a yellow bug car?

Hudson: Yeah… you use my car!

What is a president?

Nina: A President is like you preach.

You think so? (Corina shakes head) So what do you think it is?

Corina: I don’t know, what is it? (Mind you… she learned all about this last year for school)

Hudson: Like umm a president and umm yeah.

Where would you like to take your family on vacation someday?

Nina: I would take my family on vacation on Hawaii or Florida or Disney World or Canada.

Hudson: I don’t know.

What place do you like?

Hudson: Car cake and *crazy giberish that I couldn’t make out*.


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