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Goodbye Sam!


Sam and I when we were little...

  For those of you who don’t know, Sam is my older brother. Five years older than me, he has still become one of my dearest friends. This year he is graduating and moving a few hundred miles away from his poor, carless, sister. :) Over the last two years or so we’ve had so many great memories blasting music in the car, late night chats, hanging out with friends, watching random old movies (ahh… Duck Soup… classic randomness… :D), and many other things. 


We've always been crazy!!

  In our lifetime together we have had some… umm… interesting moments… Hugging Barney, creating an imaginary world, walking around Walmart wearing Sombreros, arguing about if my dolls were real or not, all that sort of fun stuff. It’s been a fun and crazy ride. He’s always been around to make me smile and laugh. 


Our one eyed dog Rusty... poor Rusty...

  Though this is a post about Sam I must mention our dog Rusty that we had many years ago. This was no ordinary dog. Not in the least bit. He had only one eyes, that in it’s self makes him unique. But he also was a bit of a… hmm… how should I put this? A pack rat? A collector of random things? Crazy? Those things all describe dear Rusty. He would bring home bags of bread, lawn gnomes, umbrellas with pictures of dogs on them, toilet paper, and other things. But Sam and I still loved that dog and had fun with him.


Sam, Corina, and I shortly after Corina joined our family

  Eight years ago this May, Corina came into our lives and family. It took us from a twosome to a threesome and we’ve had a blast together. We are so thankful to have Nina with us. 

Sam had to get into the picture that was being taken by a friend last winter in AL.

   Sam is one of the best brothers in the world and one of the nicest too! Despite what this picture might tell you about Sam, he’s very nice and picks on me only in limited amounts. :) Compared to many other guys I know Sam is an angel! He is a fantastic guy with a passion for the truth, manly gentleness, compassionate, and he loves the gospel. I’m so blessed to have him as my brother and friend. 

 Sam and I have shared almost fourteen years together and for the first time in my life, starting this fall I’ll be facing life without my big brother right by my side. While our childhood is coming to a close and we are growing up, I’m excited to see what the future seasons of life will hold for us. To everything there is a season and this one is coming to a new end, but a new one is starting. I trust that our relationship will only grow as we go off into the world. 

 Sam, I love you and I’m going to miss you! You are the best and the only good thing that’s coming from this is me getting your room! :D


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The Simple Pleasures of Life


My pearl necklace and fluffy blanket, two other simple pleasures I enjoy.

My pearl necklace and fluffy blanket, two other simple pleasures I enjoy.

  • The smile and giggle of a little child.
  • Seeing a little one year old alternate between his real bottle and a toy baby doll bottle. 
  • Hugs and kisses from a two year old. 
  • Morning coffee. 
  • Photography.
  • Finding a new spiritual truth during your devotions.
  • Discovering treasures from thrift stores and garage sales. 
  • Finishing writing a song and being pleased with the results. 
  • Having a toddler run into your arms while excitedly calling your name.
  • Chamomile or mint tea in my mug in one hand and a good book in the other.
  • Deep theological conversations. 
  • Free stuff
  • Just enjoying the company of friends and family. 
  • Knowing that you have been forgiven of all you’ve ever done wrong. 
  • Long talks with my parents and older brother. 
  • Family dance time. 
  • Hearing a two year old pray when he gets hurt. 
  • Watching people grow up and learn new things. 
  • A good song that touches my heart and turns my eyes to heaven. 
  • Any kind of chocolate. 
  • Being in a bookstore and searching out all the books that I want to read.
  • Hearing your little sister share her heart with you and try to copy what you do. 
  • Talking on bananas like they are phones with your two year old brother. 
  • Driving with the music loud with my older brother and just hanging out together. 
  • Meeting someone who shares my passions in life. 
  • Praying with family and/or friends. 
  • Seeing miracles happen in the lives around you. 
  • Seeing how God works all our for good both in our lives and in the lives of those we know.
  • Finding cute and modest clothing. 
  • Seeing flowers blossom in the spring and the grass become bright green
  • Hearing modern arrangements of age old hymns. 
  • Talking to my cousin Elyssa. 
  • Going to conferences with hundreds of like minded believers. 
  • The feeling of being productive. 
  • Getting comments on my blog(s). 
  • Worshiping with thousands of other believers because it’s like a little glimpse of what heaven will be like.
  • Brainstorming about ministry opprotunities and ways to help others. 
  • Writing poetry. 
  • Sitting on the edge of a dock with my Bible and just looking out across the lake while doing my devos and dangling my feet in the water.
  • Getting emails or letters in the mail.
  • Watching the leaves fall in autumn. 
  • Being able to play a song on the violin, piano, or guitar well. 
  • Hearing stories of redemption.
  • Going to camp. 
  • Finding heroes of the faith and great role models. 
  • Rejoicing in the wonder of God and all that He’s done. 

 I know that was a long list but there are so many things that make up my life that make it so refreshing. Those simple daily things that make you smile may be not much to anybody else, but to you they are like a breath of fresh air. They are the things that can transform a dull and sad day to something joyous and exciting. What are those things for you? What makes life strangely fun and brings a smile to your face? Leave a comment or even post on your own blog about these simple things (link back in a comment or such to tell me that you posted). I can’t wait to hear from you!


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Time Flies

 Well this last Thursday (the 25th of September) something horridly scary happened… my brother Sam turned 18. I told him he wasn’t allowed to become an adult, but he just didn’t listen. It seems so strange that my longtime friend, victim of my childish mischief (I was very mischievous as a little girl), playmate, tickler, confider, music mentor, and chauffeur among other things is all grown up. And next year the sad day will come when he will move on to college. Time sure flies, even when it’s not all fun.

 Having Sam turn 18 is sort of a reminder that life is short. One minute you are making up imaginary sci-fi worlds and the next you are driving around to go Christmas shopping together. Then it will be him going to college, then marriage (weird), then kids (YAY! I want to be an aunt!). Then eventually our time together will be all gone. Life moves on so fast and all we can do is enjoy it and use every minute of it for something that has purpose. I don’t know how much time I have left with Sam, or with anyone else for that matter. So I will live today drawing all the joy and purpose I can from life, and hopefully using it to serve my savior, though I fail miserably at times.  Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. So live like it.


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Another School Year

 Well tomorrow marks the start of the 08-09 school year for me. I am sort of excited to bring a “do hard things” attitude to this next school year, to be diligent especially. I am a horrible procrastinator so that is one thing I am working at this year. Also waking up at a good time every day.

 This summer has been amazing! From camping in South Dakota (and seeing Mt. Rushmore) to going to camp, to meeting all these new blogging friends, it has been great! The friendships that I have made this summer are such Godsends! I am so blessed to have met all of you guys! (That I have met this summer.) I have been so pleased by how my summer has been and it is for sure been blessed by God.

 The Do Hard Things study was life changing for the girls, such a blessing and an answer from God. I have grown so much in my friendships with these girls! Also I have had such a privilege to get to know some of the camp girls better. To be able to pray for them and encourage them was just an extreme blessing. I have been so blessed by all your encouraging words too! You guys, my readers, have been just wonderful and having your kind words is so great. I have been able to get to know a lot of you this summer by your blogs or by emails. If you are reading this and haven’t introduced yourself to me yet PLEASE do! I LOVE meeting my readers!!!!

 God has used this summer as such a refining time for me. I have even been amazed at how much my writing has improved and strengthened me. God has worked through so many things this summer to make me more like him. I praise God for his goodness on me, a stupid sinner, to even let me be his child, let alone let me become more like him everyday. God has used books and blogs to strengthen me too. Just those constant reminders are so helpful.

 So all in all I had a great summer. There are many things that I wanted to get done before school started but I only have 15 1/2 hours to do that and I am not going to stay up all night. I probably will be staying up late tonight trying to get a few things done. Well I will talk to you all later. I love you all and am praying for you all. You guys have been a big part of my great summer.

In Christ alone,



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Servant’s Heart

“You say you have a plan for me
And that you want the best for my life
Told me the world had yet to see
What you can do with one
That’s committed to Your call
” ___ Surrender, Barlowgirl

 God has shown me what he can do if someone is willing to serve him. On Thursday night I was lying on my bed praising God for just using me. I was blown away by the opportunities that God has placed in my life to serve him. My dad had just got back from the deacons meeting and said that my project to raise money for LC2LC was approved and I had just heard that I would be writing for Seekers Of Truth. I was amazed that he was using me. My prayer for years has been that God would use me even more so these last few months. And I am amazed at what he can do with a young girl that loves him. It boggles my mind.

 What I want to ask you guys is: Do you have a servant’s heart? Are you willing to serve Jesus with your life? Are you willing to step out of the boring and easy and simple and to use your life to bring glory to your creator and savior? Just think about this. And never say that you are too young. For when the prophet Jeremiah said that God rebuked him. Let’s not miss out on the blessing of serving God and being able to do great and awesome things with the power that he is willing to give us.


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My Baptism


Today was my baptism and it was awesome. A very cool time for both me and my dad (who baptised me!)! It was such an awesome thing! I had two of my friends that got baptised today too. Also, it was my grandma’s birthday! So that was another thing that was cool.

 The one draw back… they made us where these really strange pale orange jumpsuits and we looked like prison escapees. We were joking around about how we got out of jail then decided to come get baptised! We felt pretty stupid, and of course, it was COLD!!!! Burr… that was cold! So those were to only bad parts.

 It was just an awesome feeling to be looking at my daddy as he asks me if I have accepted Christ as my savior and if I want to be baptised as a sign of my faith. It was just an amazing moment. It was very special to say the least! So I had a very good day.

 It was also encouraging to have so many people come up to me to congratulate me. I guess that is just when you get when your a PK. Two women that worked with me just in our elementary Wednesday night program in memory verses a few years back (and one of them is the grandma of a close friend) said that it was cool for them to see the outward sign since they had seen the inward for awhile. That really meant a lot.

 So I had a great day! Though as I said before, being baptised is not what makes you a Christian, it is just a sign. I was a Christian before I was baptised, and now I just have given my outward sign. Also I think a friend of mine will be able to come to camp in about a week! That will be great. Which brings me to camp. I will be gone for almost two weeks (hopefully) but what I will do is write a lot this week and set it to be published on different days so that my ratings don’t drop to 1 per day! So one week I will actually be AT camp and the next week I will either be at my very close friend’s house (her dad is the camp director) (since my dad is speaking that week) or we will both be on the canoe trip which would be fun too. We are going to figure this out at camp. (I am really happy that she can even go because she is actually too old (by only one year) but since there are tons of opening she can! YAY) So that is my plan.

See you all later! (Actually I probably will never meet most of you…) Soli Deo Gloria!

In Christ Alone!

Olivia <><

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