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Writing and Bad Blogging

I think I’ve forgotten how to write.

Lately every time I sit down to write something I either have a strong bout of writers block come over me or I start writing then realize that what I’m saying is not what I wanted to say and that it’s not coming out right. Of course, I’ll probably think that with this post as well… who knows if it will even actually be posted. ;)

The truth is that I have a LOT of unfinished drafts going right now, both for this blog and for Imperishable Beauty (but I’m better at writing for the second one). For some strange reason, writing has been just plain hard for me. I see all those people writing posts four times a week and they are amazing posts… and… then there is me: spastic blogger that when I do write something, I’m not happy with the quality of work displayed.

Maybe this is God’s way of telling me that I need to rely on HIM for all my abilities or maybe this is just a result of me being lazy. Maybe it’s a sign that writing just “isn’t my thing” like I thought it was or maybe it’s just a way to humble me. Or… maybe it’s something else. Maybe I’m just being over critical of my writing…

Though it seems that this has occurred to many bloggers that I’ve known in the past, at least the inconsistency with blogging. That makes me wonder if there could be some psychology behind this… some sort of reason behind struggling with writing and blogging… do you guys have any ideas? Any guesses at why my blogging (and many others in the blogosphere) is just almost starting to cease? How could I have many ideas on what to write about, lots of inspirations… but just can’t seem to capture much of anything on the page?

And maybe it’s all summed up already for me by a great writer of the past:

“The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson


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Christmas Writing

Ahh… I am sitting here looking outside at the wonderful winter wonderland that lies in front of me with a big cup of Apple Cider that tastes amazing and turning on Relient K’s Christmas album. It’s truly the Christmas season and that makes me so excited. Thanksgiving is under our belts (literally) and it is finally the best part of the entire year. I love Christmas. The huge amounts of snow, the music, the festivities, the caroling, the annual lock-in at my friend’s church, the family and friends, and the wonder of the season.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I tend to get caught up in the “fun” of Christmas and rarely think of the deep significance of what we celebrate. God came down in flesh so that he could die for us. It’s not even just looking at the tiny baby in the manger, but that baby all grown up and dying for our sins. I love the whiteness of Christmas up north, it reminds me that the reason for Christmas is that Jesus came to make my heart as white as snow. It’s so wonderful and totally humbling.

So I wanted to let you all know that I am going to be taking a break from the series I was planning on doing and going to be doing a bunch of posts on Christmas and such. There is so much to write about in the next twenty-six days (oooo… that is so exciting to be able to say!) so I’ll return to the series in January maybe. God bless all of your Christmas celebrations!


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