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Random Musings About Praise and Radiance

Today has been a long, long day following a very busy week. Last week I was gone at camp then this weekend was full with a funeral, grad parties, and what seems like a million other things. On top of that this week is VBS at our church and I’m helping with music and at the last minute helped fill in for the skit. Add to that not having caught up on sleep from camp and not getting much sleep these last few nights, you have a very sleep deprived, crabby, worn out, and stressed girly.

Just a few minutes ago I went to update my twitter status and was about to complain about all my pitiful woes when I was struck with reminder that we need to praise God in both good and bad. So as I looked up a Bible verse as my twitter update instead of my complaining, I was reminded about a verse from Psalms 34 which I have been trying to memorize and meditate on lately which served as a beautiful reminder. “I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” (v. 1)

Once again I am reminded that God tells us to stay strong when we are past our breaking point, that we are to praise Him when we are too tired to do so, that we are to find our strength in Him alone, and how He works through our inabilities.

Another verse from Psalms 34 that I really love is verse 5, “Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.” When thinking of that now in context, they are radiant because they are praising the Lord, boasting in Him, seeking Him, crying out to Him, taking refuge in Him.

I have never seen a person that is truly praising God in corporate worship that didn’t look radiant. I personally love to see people worship the Lord with extreme joy and to see it in their faces or just seeing their hands lifted to the heavens in praise. It is amazingly encouraging to me and it draws me to praising God even more. It’s contagious! That’s the way our lives should be all the time, contagious.

When we are blessing, glorifying, seeking, experiencing, loving, praising, boasting, and serving God we will be radiant. It will be contagious. My dad always says that “passion is caught, not taught” and I couldn’t agree more! So go out there! Be contagious!


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Desiring God Conference ’08

 Well I was very blessed to have the privilege to be able to attend the 2008 Desiring God Conference in Minneapolis Minnesota. Though we weren’t able to stay for Saturday night and Sunday morning because of having to get back for church, it was still a great time. When I heard the theme of the conference I wanted to go so bad, since it is “The Power of Words and the Wonder of God”, perfect for an aspiring writer and a thriving talker. By some really cool events that were obviously “God things” in my mind, I was able to go, along with both my parents.

 All the sessions are available for downloading/streaming here. The speakers were Sinclair Ferguson, Bob Kauflin, Mark Driscoll, Daniel Taylor, Paul Tripp, and John Piper (the last two I missed). They were all amazing, spirit-filled, convicting messages, and I think that you can all benefit greatly from the sessions. The first one by Sinclair Ferguson about bridling the tongue was especially convicting, also Driscoll’s had a few things that really convicted me as well. Like always Driscoll kept me laughing the entire time, I especially liked the blogger jokes.

 I got to see a few people that I had met volunteering for the Do Hard Things conference in June. I also had the extreme privilege of meeting Kaysie, from Alabaster Box and Cross Eyed, in person. We didn’t get to spend much time together but just being able to meet each other was great. I also met another blogger on Friday named Andrew. He was sitting in the row in front of me and I noticed his live blogging on his laptop at the first session so I talked to him after. His blog is The Core. Check it out, it is very good.

 It was an amazing conference and a true blessing. The worship was also just amazing! There is something about worshiping with 3,000+ other believers that just amazes me. It makes me think of heaven and worshiping in the direct presence of God with every believer ever to live will be wonderful! I can’t wait! For now though, being able to go to conferences like Desiring God, that has such passionate worship with so many people is a great blessing.

 I hope you guys check out all the audio and video recordings and are blessed by them. Let me know what you think, especially all you bloggers that are brave enough to listen to Driscoll! God bless you all and I am praying for you!

 In Christ,



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