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Six Things God Has Taught Me

Well I was tagged by my friend Kaysie again but this one is a little different. I thought that this was really cool and different than all the other tags I have seen. So I am supposed to write six things that God has taught me this year, and that is going to be very tough to narrow it down. It seems there is always a time in almost every season that I reflect on everything that has happened in the last year and am amazed by how much I have changed. Well enough of me rambling, here it goes.

  1. If you have a servant’s heart and have a desire to serve God, He WILL use you. It doesn’t matter how small and insignificant you are.
  2. To be patient when I don’t feel like it and to just wait on God.
  3. When to shut my mouth and when to open it. (Though I still struggle with this one.)
  4. That if you draw close to God He will truly draw close to you.
  5. That the cross needs to be the center of every single thing, including my life.
  6. There is no part of my life or my heart that Jesus does not own and does not have the right to be Lord over.

 Well that is just the tip of the iceberg on what God has taught me over the last year. He has been so good to me and has taught me buckets of things. Now it is my turn to tag some of you guys so I can hear from you.

Josh (Maybe you will actually post for once! I really want to hear from you Josh.)


Pearls and Diamonds (Lauren and/or Abigail)


Erik B.

My dad (Kevin)


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