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The Simple Pleasures of Life


My pearl necklace and fluffy blanket, two other simple pleasures I enjoy.

My pearl necklace and fluffy blanket, two other simple pleasures I enjoy.

  • The smile and giggle of a little child.
  • Seeing a little one year old alternate between his real bottle and a toy baby doll bottle. 
  • Hugs and kisses from a two year old. 
  • Morning coffee. 
  • Photography.
  • Finding a new spiritual truth during your devotions.
  • Discovering treasures from thrift stores and garage sales. 
  • Finishing writing a song and being pleased with the results. 
  • Having a toddler run into your arms while excitedly calling your name.
  • Chamomile or mint tea in my mug in one hand and a good book in the other.
  • Deep theological conversations. 
  • Free stuff
  • Just enjoying the company of friends and family. 
  • Knowing that you have been forgiven of all you’ve ever done wrong. 
  • Long talks with my parents and older brother. 
  • Family dance time. 
  • Hearing a two year old pray when he gets hurt. 
  • Watching people grow up and learn new things. 
  • A good song that touches my heart and turns my eyes to heaven. 
  • Any kind of chocolate. 
  • Being in a bookstore and searching out all the books that I want to read.
  • Hearing your little sister share her heart with you and try to copy what you do. 
  • Talking on bananas like they are phones with your two year old brother. 
  • Driving with the music loud with my older brother and just hanging out together. 
  • Meeting someone who shares my passions in life. 
  • Praying with family and/or friends. 
  • Seeing miracles happen in the lives around you. 
  • Seeing how God works all our for good both in our lives and in the lives of those we know.
  • Finding cute and modest clothing. 
  • Seeing flowers blossom in the spring and the grass become bright green
  • Hearing modern arrangements of age old hymns. 
  • Talking to my cousin Elyssa. 
  • Going to conferences with hundreds of like minded believers. 
  • The feeling of being productive. 
  • Getting comments on my blog(s). 
  • Worshiping with thousands of other believers because it’s like a little glimpse of what heaven will be like.
  • Brainstorming about ministry opprotunities and ways to help others. 
  • Writing poetry. 
  • Sitting on the edge of a dock with my Bible and just looking out across the lake while doing my devos and dangling my feet in the water.
  • Getting emails or letters in the mail.
  • Watching the leaves fall in autumn. 
  • Being able to play a song on the violin, piano, or guitar well. 
  • Hearing stories of redemption.
  • Going to camp. 
  • Finding heroes of the faith and great role models. 
  • Rejoicing in the wonder of God and all that He’s done. 

 I know that was a long list but there are so many things that make up my life that make it so refreshing. Those simple daily things that make you smile may be not much to anybody else, but to you they are like a breath of fresh air. They are the things that can transform a dull and sad day to something joyous and exciting. What are those things for you? What makes life strangely fun and brings a smile to your face? Leave a comment or even post on your own blog about these simple things (link back in a comment or such to tell me that you posted). I can’t wait to hear from you!


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