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Widespread Effects

With feminism came the sexual revolution and with that came a tolerance towards sexual perversion. What was horribly scandalous one hundred years ago now plays on our televisions every night. What was deemed punishable by death or public shame two hundred years ago is now flaunted, and people take pride in it. In our morally deteriorating society everything and anything is permissible.

While prostitution and sexual perversion may be permissible by society, the effects of it are deadly. Nothing good will ever come of prostitution no matter what the media and world tells us.

Whenever God’s plan for sex is abused, there are serious consequences. When sex is outside of marriage in any form, the outcome isn’t pretty. Sin never results in a good ending, and it’s no different with prostitution.

Prostitution destroys families, marriages, relationships, and lives. It gives a shallow and distorted view of sex that can just be bought, not earned or as a gift for marriage. The results of prostitution are STDs, unwanted pregnancies and abortions, fatherless children, broken marriages and families, addictions, and most importantly, another nail into the hands of Christ.

Is there any hope? With an issue so huge with it’s branches reaching out to so many spheres of life and society, is it just a hopeless case? I don’t think so, and I’ll show you why in the next post.


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