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Does God Need Us?

 In the church there tends to be a constant (and rightful) focus on doing things for God. Going out and witnessing, helping the poor and hungry, ministering to others, and being a light to the darkness. These are all awesome and amazing things and it’s right and good to serve God. In my last post I talked about having a heart that is willing to do whatever God calls us to do. But how often do we look at God and the work He calls us to do and think that God needs us?

 Reverence for God is lost in our day and age. Even in the church God is not seen as the great and powerful I AM but as a grandpa figure, someone that needs our help crossing the street because His arms are too full of groceries to push the walker. I mean, God’s pretty old… he’s getting up there is age, he must need our help crossing the street, right? Wrong. What we need to remember is that God doesn’t need us. Ever. He is all powerful, all mighty, all knowing, all creating, and all doing Yahweh. He can make the very rocks rise up and praise Him.

 God will accomplish His plan with whatever means He chooses. But we tend to see that we (or someone else) are doing great things for God and “God must really need them!” God spoke the very world into existence. He breathed life into the dust of the ground. We are but His creation and He can do fine without us.

 We often loose sight of how small we actually are. We have the humblest beginnings; we came from dust and couldn’t even keep the one rule that God gave man. God is the Alpha and Omega. He existed before time even began and through Him all things were made; without Him nothing that was made that has been made. (John 1:3) He spoke and there was light. He has total control over angels, demons, nature, space, time, science, and humans.

 So are you making God into a feeble old grandpa by the way you live? In your mind is He as awesome as He actually is? Or are you cheapening him? Do you look at yourself and think that God needs you in order for Him to work? Do you look at God and think that He needs help crossing the street because things are obviously not working out too well in the world? We need to ask ourselves these things and search our hearts for signs of this sin. I think that most of us have at least traces of it in our lives. Now it’s just time to recognize them and cut them out.

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