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Easter Series (Introduction)

Easter Lily   Easter is right around the corner. The day that has been hidden by candy and fluffy bunnies still manages to shine through all of that to show the Truth, the Way, and the Light. It’s so easy to forget the reason behind the best day in history by the show that the world puts on to try to distract us. We are all busy with Easter plans, services, activities and such going on that we forget to take a deep breath, slow down, and meditate on the glory of this day where we celebrate the gospel, our salvation, and all that Christ has done for us.

 Easter was when Jesus conquered death and sin. Easter was when the whole world was turned upside down. Easter is when the most miraculous event in history happened, Jesus rose from the dead. Easter was when God saved us. There has been no better day since the dawn of time than Easter.

 This year I’m going to do a series of blog posts for the purpose of preparing my own heart and also help you as well. I’m also going to try to read Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die (also known as The Passion of Jesus Christ) by John Piper in the next two weeks so I’m sure a lot of my posts will be influenced by this book (not to mention quotes galore!). I hope you all enjoy this series and the Lord will work through them to help your hearts be ready for Easter. God bless!


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Christmas Writing

Ahh… I am sitting here looking outside at the wonderful winter wonderland that lies in front of me with a big cup of Apple Cider that tastes amazing and turning on Relient K’s Christmas album. It’s truly the Christmas season and that makes me so excited. Thanksgiving is under our belts (literally) and it is finally the best part of the entire year. I love Christmas. The huge amounts of snow, the music, the festivities, the caroling, the annual lock-in at my friend’s church, the family and friends, and the wonder of the season.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I tend to get caught up in the “fun” of Christmas and rarely think of the deep significance of what we celebrate. God came down in flesh so that he could die for us. It’s not even just looking at the tiny baby in the manger, but that baby all grown up and dying for our sins. I love the whiteness of Christmas up north, it reminds me that the reason for Christmas is that Jesus came to make my heart as white as snow. It’s so wonderful and totally humbling.

So I wanted to let you all know that I am going to be taking a break from the series I was planning on doing and going to be doing a bunch of posts on Christmas and such. There is so much to write about in the next twenty-six days (oooo… that is so exciting to be able to say!) so I’ll return to the series in January maybe. God bless all of your Christmas celebrations!


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