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I have been reading The Bravehearted Gospel and one of the latest chapters was on Christians trying to be “cool”. When you think about Christianity, really examine it, it can’t be cool. We follow a blue collar guy that was rejected by His own family, denied and betrayed by those closest to Him, hung on a Roman cross and all His followers abandoned Him. As much as I love Jesus, He was not “cool”, at least not in the world’s eyes.

Somehow a few nights ago my brain got on the topic of Brio, the Christian magazine for teen girls put out by Focus on the Family. Last month they had a teen pop singing group as their cover story and I was very unimpressed by these girls. I couldn’t find that issue but I looked and I found a different one that had another teen pop singing group and I decided to look back to see if I was an unimpressed with their interview as with the other.

There is the subtext I read the words, “Christian = cool”. Need I say anymore? I looked through the article and found what one of the singers said, “We want people to see that being a child of God is really cool”.

Needless to say I was unimpressed with their knowledge of Christianity and the cross which is “a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the Gentiles” and “Foolishness to those who are perishing”.

Now I am not saying that being a Christian isn’t fun. Not at all. I am not saying that being a Christian means you have to live a boring, tasteless, dull life. Because that is not what Christianity is. The joy that I have received from Christ is more awesome than I can explain. Life with Jesus is never boring, it’s an endless journey that keeps you on your feet at all times. It is daily interaction with the God of the universe, and that my friends is pretty “cool”. What I am trying to get at is that Christianity can never be cool in the world’s point of view.

We are to be different than this world, in it yet not of it. We are to be blameless in the midst of a crooked generation so that we will shine like stars for Christ. We are to be crucified to this world and dead to it, only being alive to Christ. We are to be salt and light to the darkness, but darkness hates light because it interrupts their pattern. We can not please this world. This world is our enemy, not some thing to be flirted with time and time again.

After pondering this awhile I wrote this down in a notebook lying around my bed:

“We want to be “cool”. We try to fit in with this world under the banner of trying to “stand out”. We want other’s approval before God’s. We seek men’s love over the one that created man and controls him. We try to make filth happy with use. We try to have garbage pleased with us while also wanting to have the most glorious being there ever have been, is, or will be, like us too.

“We can’t do both. It’s one of the other. Either total devotion to the Lord or service to this world. What are we going to choose?

“I pray that we will chose Jesus. But as for ME, I serve the Lord. I serve the God of heaven, earth, and everything there is. I serve the God that makes demons tremble. I serve the God that cane move mountains and has spoken the whole word into existence. I serve the God that sent his only son to defeat death. I serve the God that she His blood for me. I serve the God that will someday judge the entire human race. I serve an awesome God who is mighty and glorious.”

“Who will you serve? Will you serve the world that whispers poisonous lies in our ears? Will you serve the world that steals and murders? Will you serve the world that is fleeting and passing? Will you serve the world with it’s endless chase for money and power that is vain and worthless? Will you serve the world’s version of ‘coolness’?

“I am a fool for Jesus. Who are you a fool for?”

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