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32 Quirks

All of a sudden I blinked… and all of a sudden it was September and all of a sudden I hadn’t posted for almost a month! I can’t even remember the last time I went that long without posting. Of course I could think up some good excuses for not doing so, like starting my 4th week of school, having two adorable but busy baby brothers to look after, and general business. But truthfully? Well, truthfully I just haven’t been diligent enough in my writing endeavors and have struggled just to finish anything I start writing.

But that shall stop and I really hope to try to write more, write better, and just plain write. Hopefully I’ll get writing into my daily routine and that’ll give you a few posts a week (or even one would be good…). Anyhoo… onto some other stuff…

32 Quirks!

This post is partly in honor of Abigail, my sweet friend with so many lovely quirks… including the obsession with the number 32. :D So when I decided I wanted to post some of my own quirks and wanted a number… none seemed more perfect the 32. Now brace yourself…

  1. I don’t usually do lists like these but really enjoy reading everybody else’s lists like these…
  2. I am pretty much addicted to tea and coffee and at times I’ll have 4 cups a day between the two and my teeth are becoming stained from it.
  3. I never stop taking pictures and I am addicted to that as well… my friends will tell you that I go into withdrawal without my camera (or my dad’s camera) when I’m at some event or such.
  4. I love to sleep but sleep does not love me. Therefore I don’t sleep much and therefore I am addicted to coffee.
  5. I love books more than I love reading… bizarre? Yeah.
  6. My heart got removed from me and was placed in the Red Light districts of India…
  7. I pace/skip around my room when I am excited and talk out loud to myself as well as squeel.
  8. I am both a night owl and an early bird, I work best before 10am or after 10pm.
  9. I love art but can’t draw at all. I totally stink at it. So therefore I pick different forms of art like photography, poetry, music, acting, collages, and other things as well.
  10. My fashion style is a strange mix between bohemian hippie, classy classic (Audrey Hepburn is a major fashion icon for me), edgy (bordering on punk at times), and comfy (I love jeans, sweats, and hoodies… *happy sigh*). And sometimes I go for all the looks in one outfit.
  11. I have a strong desire and tendency to call everyone “hun” but it gets awkward when I want to call like a teen guy “hun”… so I reserve it for when I’m with kiddos.
  12. I give everyone nick names. I get that from my mom. My little bros have about a dozen or more nicknames each from me.
  13. I am currently obsessed with the song Jai Ho… it’s just amazing! I’m learning the dance to it too. :)
  14. I think that Jane Austen is the queen of all romantic fiction, Tolkien the king of fantasy, and C.S. Lewis the king of Christian fiction. I doubt anyone will ever be able to top them.
  15. I have an obsession with comfy blankets and knee high socks. That’s what happens when you live in a place where winter is 5 months long and you have about a month or more of mostly below zero temps.
  16. I am incredibly klutzy, some of the things I’ve walked into have included the small part on bathroom stall doors, a TV hutch thingy, and I’ve always walked right into steps… just forgot to step up at all and fell on my face.
  17. My favorite word in Hindi is “Delhi” cause it sounds like “deelee” and is really fun to say repetedly.
  18. I will watch movies that aren’t that great… but when it comes to movies I say I love or are my favorites, I’m super picky. The writing, acting, cinematography, score, and humor all have to be superb. Therefore you will never hear my say that Facing the Giants or Fireproof are my favorite movies… or any movies involving hormonal teenage girls.
  19. I will stay up into 3am reading a good fiction book and I have plenty of times, the first time being right before 4th grade reading the second Elsie Dinsmore books… I cried so hard!
  20. I have a habit of reading books that aren’t meant for my age range. From reading Authentic Beauty at twelve, to reading Calvin’s Institutes currently at fourteen… I don’t follow the suggested reading ages.
  21. I am a total psychology/sociology geek and I love to figure out why people are the way they are, what it is in the brain or what chemicals make us that way, and the why of how cultures and social structures work. I also love a good social experiment.
  22. I am a generally messy person, but I am OCD about some things… like tags sticking out on shirts, my bedroom door being open, and people writing “alot” instead of “a lot” (which I used to do myself…).
  23. I can’t stand my violin or guitar being out of tune. It will drive me CRAZY until I tune it. *shivers from the thought of an out of tune instrument*
  24. I love the words of many hymns but sometimes their melodies just are really bad so I have recently started making my own arrangements and melodies for hymns with good words and bad music.
  25. Speaking of writing music… when I am working on writing a song I go into this crazy songwriter mood where I sing so loud and bang on the piano until I get a headache. And I love having my swivel chair so I can go back and forth between the piano and computer.
  26. I’ve always loved journals but have been pretty bad about writing faithfully in one.
  27. I have vowed to never buy a pair of jeans over $25. The one time I bought a $30 pair of jeans, four months later they had holes in the back pockets. I will NEVER do that again! Goodwill, Target, Arizona (on sale), and thrift store jeans baby! Then even if they do fall apart I still got my money’s worth.
  28. I love thrift stores… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!
  29. I don’t fit into the typical home school kid stereo type at all! I love pants, I listen to rock music, I like to dance, I am not anti social, I have public school friends, my mother doesn’t have hair down to her hips, and I have a cell phone.
  30. My mom and I break out into random singing and dancing sometimes. Keeps the kiddos entertained!
  31. I start lots of things that I don’t finish… from blog posts to books to other projects.
  32. Abigail has got me thinking of thirty-two way too often and thirty-two anything makes me think of her. :)
This is for Abs!

Love you girly!

{Serious posting will continue shortly… I just had to mix things up and give y’all a fun random post.)



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Short Answers

So my dear friend Abigail (oh you’ve all heard about her a million times!) has started a new fabulous feature called “Short Answers” asking little children (your own children, siblings, or whatever young kids you can find…) random questions and writing down their answers to share with the world! This first instalment just happened to fall on Hudson’s third birthday. I know I’ve talked very little about my little sweet chivalrous man, but hopefully you’ll get to know him better in the future. (I really need to get a post about the boys…) Corina, my younger sister is 12 but has severe learning disabilities and she always keeps us laughing with her mix ups and things she says. We adopted her from Romania when she was 4 and her language skills still aren’t very great.

This is going to be so fun and you’ll see the craziness of the little siblings I love so much! (Note: Most of Hudson’s answers will make no sense. He just turned three today!)

What year were you born?

Nina: For me? I was born in 1999… I don’t know what born in! I don’t know what I born in Olivia!

Hudson: Like umm, mommy’s house.

Why do people wear deodorant?

Corina: Because to smell.

Hudson: Because an no no a chair (there was a lot of gibberish between the because and chair.)

What would you buy if you had a million dollars?

Nina: I’de buy a car or a electric scooter, electric scooter and I would want to buy a phone and… is a computer a million dollars? I’d buy a computer. And my own kid. And don’t you dare laugh about that.

Hudson: something something Truck.

Would you buy Olivia a yellow bug car?

Hudson: Yeah… you use my car!

What is a president?

Nina: A President is like you preach.

You think so? (Corina shakes head) So what do you think it is?

Corina: I don’t know, what is it? (Mind you… she learned all about this last year for school)

Hudson: Like umm a president and umm yeah.

Where would you like to take your family on vacation someday?

Nina: I would take my family on vacation on Hawaii or Florida or Disney World or Canada.

Hudson: I don’t know.

What place do you like?

Hudson: Car cake and *crazy giberish that I couldn’t make out*.


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