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8 Reasons Why People Don’t Share Their Faith

I love this video!!!!! I found it through the Rebelution video channel on YouTube. I hope you enjoy.

What are the reasons that you don’t share your faith? Are they reasons on here, or do you have some other reasons? Please share them with me! Just to review these are the reasons (also for Erik):

8)Might get beat-up, 7)Wont make sense, 6)Might be made fun of, 5)Wont know how to start, 4)I’ll be a bad witness, 3)I’ll say the wrong thing(Remember, as the Buddha, he was the holy cow, who ate the golden tablets…Wait! That’s not right!), 2)They will think I am a religious nut, 1)I don’t know enough.

I Also recommend going to my friend Erik’s blog and reading his series on evangelism. (http://www.ecbrownblog.com/evangelism-series/) It is very good. Also, the whole series came out of a request I had for him. So that is sweet. I can’t wait to hear back from all of you.

In Christ,



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