I’ve had a crazy time lately with grad parties and school and such so I just dug this out of my collections of poems for this month. This is somewhat old so it’s not the best, but I have a fond spot in my heart for it. I hope you enjoy and remember to check back at Abigails blog  for other great poems. 

Injustice overflows from all walk of life.

From owning slaves to taking the unborn’s rights. 

The littlest thing to the biggest cruelty

It’s all the same if you think of it truly. 

We stand by day to day

Never daring to get in someone’s way.

We have grown cold

To the abuse of young and old. 


Because in our minds there is no true wrong. 

We have been hypnotized by the alluring song. 

That we are all okay,

Is the lie that they all loudly say. 

So what about murder and all the pain?

Is it okay to ignore the slain? 

Is it fine to look past the hurt?

It is acceptable to brush off all the dirt? 


Can we ignore?

Can we go on like before?

When injustice pounds at our door?


Will we let it in?

Will we not stand up and therefore sin? 

Will we let injustice in our own homes begin?


Not I. 

I will not let the evil slip by.

I will stand up and fight. 

I will not wait for another night. 


This is a call to arms 

Against those who do much harm.

Don’t sit there staring,

Answer the call that is blaring.


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One response to “Justice

  1. Olivia,
    I just wanted to say that Grandpa T. forwarded your blog site and I just read it! What insites God has given you to share with a crazy, mixed-up world? We must use all the tools God gives us and this is an excellent way to do that! I am NOT techy and so this new world is strange to me, but I am so impressed by all of your work here! God has great things in store for you, Olivia! I am so impressed with your writing ability! Isn’t it just like our heavenly Father, to teach us new things through Him! Continue to enjoy life and following our Saviour!! Can’t wait to see you the end of July! Hugs, Grandma Donna

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