The Call (Monthly Poetry Challenge)

 Before I post my poetry, I need to mention how I was inspired for this poem. My dear friend Abigail’s mom, Lynnette Kraft, wrote a wonderful book that I am currently reading entitled In Faithfulness He Afflicted Me. It’s about her personal story of loosing three of her nine children. In one part of the book she talks about how after the second time she experienced the death of a son she was talking to a friend and she talked about how we should look at trials like God is asking us, “will you, my servant, go through this hard thing in order that I may get glory?”. That really made me think about how we are to look at trials. This poem is my meditations of that. (Note: I should have a post out in the next few days talking about having a heart like Isaiah rather than Jonah. Keep your eyes out for that.)


Standing before God’s holy throne

His glory, I behold

Full and alive

Too much for my small eyes

The angels bow in praise

And I fall on my face


“Behold, I am unclean

I don’t deserve for you to look on me

I should be struck down

For your holiness is renown”


He looks at me and says, “rise”

“I need a servant that wont compromise

Who may I find to complete this task?

Of bringing me glory by doing all that I ask?

The trials they face will be tough

But am I not more than enough?”


“Lord use me!” I beg in reply

“I will serve you and not your name deny

Whatever you say, whatever you have me do

I will be devoted to you.”


“Then take on this affliction

This thorn in your side

Keep remembering that I’ll never say goodbye

Bring my glory, by this testing of faith

Be my ambassador to that sinful place

I will afflict you,

But you will stay strong

For I am Yahweh and I am you God.



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7 responses to “The Call (Monthly Poetry Challenge)

  1. Olivia, this poem was so special to me!
    I want to thank you for writing it,… and for sharing how much Lynnette’s book is ministering to you. PRAISE GOD! He is so wonderful, and He is using Lynnette’s willing heart to bless others.
    Love, Linda (Lynnette’s Mom)

  2. Dearest Olivia, this has got to be one of the most beautiful posts you have ever written! I love the last part. It’s so reassuring…our God will never desert us!!! Through every trial that He takes us through, He picks us up and gives us the strength to be able to say “Lord, USE ME!” Praise God!

    This touched my heart in such a special way. I’m so glad Momma’s book is encouraging you and am being so blessed by seeing the work that Christ is doing through it. :)

    I love you, sister!

  3. You know, I’m glad I read this. It brought to the front of my mind the fact that I am a servant of God, and that even though it won’t always be easy, He’ll be with me. As long as I know He’s with me, I can and will do anything He wants.

    Keep strong in the Lord!

    Your sister and ally

  4. Hi Olivia,
    I totally loved this poem! Very mature, very beautiful writing. I love the diologue you present between man and creator… So vivid and yet so fantastic. Thanks for inspiring us all with this!
    Keep it up,
    I’ll check out your brother’s blog!

  5. Beautiful poetry! Great themes! Good job, Miss Olivia!


    Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds

  6. Tressa

    hey olivia!!! I’m at school right now. I briefly skimmed your poem, and judging from your other readers’ responses, it looks like I’d better read it again…

  7. Tressa

    Ok. Yes, this is definitely cool. I really liked the first two stanzas about being before God and not being able to even really comprehend all of His glory. That’s really neat! God has been telling me lately that it’s not about how I’ve done all these things and he’s saved me, but about how absolutely amazing He is and how His love is so unconditional and abundant. Not only is knowing His love (although we will never be able to comprehend it…) important, but realizing the vastness of it is also something we need to acknowledge since, like I said, we can’t understand it to the fullest extent. Since I tend to ramble and loose my point, I’ll stop with that and with saying that this is a beautiful poem!

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