Monthly Poetry Challenge: February


   Well my dear blog friend Abigail has started a monthly poetry blogging challenge that I decided to take her offer up on. I write a little bit of poetry and have always liked it, I just often lack motivation and such. But now I will be posting a piece of original poetry the first Monday of every month. I am really excited for this and the chance to practice my poetry. Now I will warn you that I am still learning and it’s not very good yet (in my opinion). But I hope that the Lord will work through my inabilities and that He will get the glory. Soli Deo Gloria!


I hear the words whispered gently to me,

“Surrender my daughter and you will be free”

Why do I resist and not believe?

When it’s been you all along that’s carried me?


I think to myself that you are not big enough

That this belongs to me and no one else

How dare you take away my dreams?

How dare you take away what my life means?


This is who I am

This is life to me


Then you gently whisper words of truth

“Give your life into my hands

I am good and I have a plan


It may be bigger then what you can see

It may be beyond your own reasoning

But wait,

Just wait,

For there is nothing beyond my reach

I am in control of every last thing

Never fear my daughter

For I love you more then the stars

So trust me with you heart”


I cry out these words tonight,

“You alone are my life!

You alone are my light!

My portion and supply

Until the very day I die”




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4 responses to “Monthly Poetry Challenge: February

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Olivia, your heart of surrender and trust in our awesome Savior is exemplary. I absolutely love this! Oh, don’t forget to link it up on my post so that the rest of the people participating will be able to read it. :) Awesome job! Your writing is amazing as usual.

  2. Excellent concepts presented here. We as humans are so quick to doubt God, and He (as God) is always more than willing to fill our hearts with his peace. Excellent poem.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Jared (Abigail’s older brother.)

  3. I think that was a beautiful poem and very well written! I enjoyed it very much.

  4. Olivia, I liked your poem. God is our life,…and our light, our portion and our supply!
    Amen sister! (:>)

    Love in Christ,

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