Meditations From My Time of “Fasting”

 I am very thankful for opportunities to use modern technology to connect with my friends. As a homeschooler who has a lot of friends outside of my church that I don’t get to spend much time with in person, I enjoy to spend time talking to my friends online on Facebook and IM. It’s been a big blessing for me to be able to connect with people in that way and have some really nice time of fellowship. For me though it’s become an easy addiction and distraction. I was spending too much time online and not enough time with my family, reading, writing, and other things that needed to be done. So I decided that once I was back from Florida I would take some time off of Facebook and IM until February 1st so that was a total of three full weeks. Tomorrow is my first day back on and I am looking forward to catching up on everything.

 God has really shown me a lot through my time of fasting from my “idol”. Here are the few main things that I’ve learned:

  • I don’t need constant interaction with my friends. Though I truly love my friends and they are such great blessing from God, God is really showing me that I don’t need them. One of the biggest things that He keeps telling me lately is that I need nothing but Him alone. Which also brings me to the next thing…
  • I don’t need the Internet. This one is a simple thing truly, but it also a thing that many of us living in modern day America need to remind ourselves of. We don’t need this technology, even though it is a very practical thing for a lot of us. We have our Pastor friend from Kenya here this weekend and I am reminded that I don’t even need electricity or running water, I can live without these things and many people do.
  • I need to rely more on God for relaxation and rest. This might sound like a strange one, but for me I tend to go to the Internet or Facebook or to talk to my friends online when I am bored or need a time to relax. Without Facebook and such I found myself plopping down in front of the TV more, which is something I was slightly shocked about because I don’t really like TV. I just did it because it was an easy way to relax for a little while then I would get distracted. I need to be learning and practicing self control and need to build the habit of going to the Lord in prayer or reading a good book when I am bored or need to relax.
  • It’s all about proportion. Too much of anything is a bad thing. But a lot of things aren’t bad in moderation. I think that it’s that way with things like Facebook, IM, reading, friends, writing, and almost anything. They all can be useful and productive things when you use them wisely and balance them out, and they all can be things that when not used wisely can create addictions, idols, and can be a waste of time. I also still used my email and did blog things in order to keep in touch with people and work on somethings that were important and that was a good practice for me in moderation.

 I am really hoping and praying that the Lord will give me the strength that I do not personally have, to use my time online wisely and that it will remain in proportion to the rest of my life. Tomorrow is going to be one busy day for me though… :) I am excited to get into some long conversations with dear friends and get caught up on everything going on. Keep me in your prayers! God bless!


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One response to “Meditations From My Time of “Fasting”

  1. What an excellent way to fast! Excellent thoughts, Olivia! Growing up, I often had few girl friends…and the Lord was constantly teaching me that I don’t *need* girl friends. It’s a hard truth, but He truly is our only need! And then, of course, He blessed me hugely with an abundance of wonderful young ladies who have been so encouraging!

    Blessings to you!

    Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds

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