Florida Recap

cimg2534Just a quick recap of my trip for those that are interested. We got back a week ago from our 4,000 mile journey going from the coldest place in the continental US to the warmest and back again. There was about a 100 degree difference between Florida and here (80 to -20). We had a great time though, even if it was a lot of driving.

 For me the highlights were visiting friends and family, especially my good friends that I hadn’t met yet. Trey Edwards is a rebelutionary that helped me start my blog back in June and we have become good friends as well as becoming close friends with the rest of his family and Mike and Joshua who are friends of his from church. We had an amazing time visiting with the Edwards and getting to know them better. They are a truly amazing family and we all had a great time talking and enjoying the fellowship of fellow Christians.

 A big surprise for me was that on the way home we took a detour and went through Arkansas to visit my closest sister in the Lord, Lauren. She is my accountability partner, listening ear, prayer partner, and just an amazing friend whom I love to death! We were so excited to meet each other for the first time and I don’t think I’ve ever hugged a person more times in only a few hours :D. I also got to jam with the rest of Vivit, the worship band she is the lead singer for, and hang out at the Nunley’s house at fellowship. 

 It was a great trip and the wedding was really nice, though it had a really annoying photographer that kept us laughing! Going to the beach and swimming in the ocean was a blast too. It was a really refreshing trip and our first in a really long time. My grandpa lives in Florida but it has been almost ten years since we have visited him (though he comes up north every year). So that was our trip in a nutshell. I had some thoughts while I was there that I will try to finish writing down into some blog posts later. For now, God bless you all and have a fun time being (somewhere) warmer then us as we battle -40 wind chills!

(Note: if you recognized the names Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Nunley that because I mentioned both of them on my post on woman who fear the Lord. They are both amazing women and I enjoyed spending time with their family and getting to know them more in person. :D)



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2 responses to “Florida Recap

  1. You came through Arkansas? What part? You could have stopped to say hello to me! :)

  2. Ooops…this is Abigail…I forgot to sign. :)

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