A New Year

 It will soon be 2009 and I feel as if it snuck up on me. A new year always seems strange to me and it often takes me a few weeks to get used to calling it the new year.  Something about it seems so mysterious and far off, yet so familiar and like we’ve done it a million times. There seems to be something about a new start, a chance to do things differently, a chance to improve, a chance for change that is inspiring, though sometimes frustrating when thinking of the past.

 Past years and mistakes can often seem to “haunt” us with memories of resolutions broken and all the times we fail. I have usually made resolution for as long as I can remember, but I can not remember ever keeping them totally. Thinking about it now, I think a reason for that is lack of prayer about it.

 Resolutions always seem to be something that “we” do. It’s about our will and our determination, and that’s why I think that God hasn’t let me succeed in my attempts at resolutions. I am just learning now the balance between what we do and what God does when it comes to holiness and righteousness. We obviously can not do anything on our own and it’s only through God’s grace and strength we are able to do what’s right, but we also have a responsibility to do what’s right. It’s confusing to figure out, but something that’s important. Either end of the spectrum can be very dangerous.

 This year I came to the New Year with many goals ahead of me before I even thought about making resolutions. There are things that I know God is speaking to me that I need to change. Things I need to do to make better use of my time. I guess if I was to make a resolution, I would say that I want to work harder at glorifying God with my whole heart, soul, mind, and life. I don’t want to leave ANY part that Jesus is not in total control of it and I have not surrendered to Him. That is my dream and my goal, but it’s not really something that is solved in a year, it takes a lifetime.

 God bless you in 2009 and may you live more and more to serve and glorify the God of the universe! Soli Deo Gloria!


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One response to “A New Year

  1. So true! When our resolutions are focused on what we can do in our own power, we never succeed. I’ve always thought the new year did bring a sort of fresh start, and that made it a good time to set new goals for myself–but making sure Christ is still at the center of our focus and asking Him for help to accomplish our goals is the only way to truly succeed.

    Thanks for the awesome encouragement!
    Love ya,

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