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 Well before I go into my busy stretch of things over the next few weeks I wanted to give any of you faithful readers a heads up that posting will be slow for awhile. The next three weeks or more I am going to be “running around like a chicken with my head cut off” (to quote my mom who grew up on a farm J ). I am heading over to a friend’s church tomorrow for their annual lock-in and will probably spend Saturday crashing from that. Then it’s the business of the few days before Christmas and all those celebrations.

Now here is the coolest part… next Saturday we are leaving for *dramatic music* … FLORIDA!!!!! We are so excited to get out of the minus zero temps and lay out on the beach for two weeks!!! My dad’s half sister is getting married and so we are heading down to the sunshine state for that. We didn’t think we would be able to make it, but with gas prices going down so much and there is a family in our church who’s daughter (who was actually my camp counselor this summer) is getting married and her future in-laws are from CA so they are going to give us some money to rent out our house while we are gone. So praise the Lord for that!

I am very excited to also be able to stop by some close friends I have made online, on our way. I have been talking to them through emails, blogs, IM, and Facebook for the last six months or so. It is going to be really nice to be able to meet them in person and hang out.

I will have internet while we are gone, but probably wont have much writing time. But maybe when I am basking in the sun I’ll be able to come up with some brilliant poem or song to share with y’all. It’s become too cold up here for my mind to work right… so I am excited to get thawed out. J God bless you all over the next few weeks and have a great Christmas!


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4 responses to “What’s Up

  1. I think being able to hang out with your awesome friends, like Tredward, Josh, and, *coughs* me should be the highlight of your trip.


  2. Totally. :) It’s going to be awesome to spend an entire day with y’all. I am SO excited!

  3. Yay! I’m really excited for you! That sounds like so much fun! Man, it does sound nice to lay out on the beach and soak up some rays. :) I hope y’all have a great time meeting and visiting with each other in person! Maybe I’ll get on google talk sometime while you’re there and get to say hey to all of you. :)

    Praying you have a safe trip and a wonderful time! Love ya!

  4. How fun, Olivia! Enjoy it! It’s warm here in AR today–but still rainy and overcast. I finally caught up on some reading of your blog…some excellent posts! So encouraging! Keep thinking of Jesus and His ways!


    Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds

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