Longing for Persecution

I have to admit something to all of you; I am sick and tired of nominal and lukewarm Christians. It is one of my greatest annoyances. I hate how our churches and youth groups are filled with people that say they are Christians, have “prayed a prayer”, and don’t do “bad” things, yet it stops right there. They are without all fire and passion and even love. Their “Christian” life only extends as far as Sunday mornings and other church events, except for the fact that they don’t take the Lord’s name in vain or such. It is a sickening ailment of the American and Western church.

When I look at the American and Western church then also look at the persecuted church, I am shocked by the difference. In the underground and persecuted church, people risk their lives to just go to a church service or to own a Bible. In the Western church, most people miss church to spend time at their cabins and to go hunting (at least where I live) and Bibles are in abundance, yet we barely even take time to read them. The persecuted church will not deny Christ even if it comes down to dying, when the Western church will deny Christ for the sake of popularity.

Now I know full well that there are Christians in the Western church that are willing to die for their Lord and Savior and have a passion for him, as well as people in the underground church that deny Christ or who betray others in the church. This is just a generalization of the majority.

There is such beauty in the persecuted church. I have been reading Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand and the stories he tells of himself and others that have been persecuted for Christ’s sake under the communists are amazing and heart wrenching. The love expressed by the underground church is nothing less than beautiful.

We need that. We need faith that stands the roughest storms. We need courage that will take a stand for what they believe and say, “Here I stand I can do no other”. We need lives that are ready to be laid down. We need passion alive in the hearts of those who claim to know the King of kings. We need to have the fire and power of God at work in the church of America. We need the stuff of the persecuted church.

The change starts with you and me. If we don’t have passion, fire, courage, strength, and faith present in our own lives we can’t expect it from the people around us. We are to lead by example and show the radiance of Christ in our own lives. I also think we need some persecution and testing to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. We know nothing of persecution, but I know that in the years ahead we might get a taste of it. I know that it will be good for our church and will take away the dead and nominal Christians and just leave the ones that are truly followers of Jesus. Then maybe we will start to show some of the beauty of Christ. God bless.



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9 responses to “Longing for Persecution

  1. I agree with you. Is faith without action really faith? It is easy to become complacent when life is well and easy, but people turn to God in times of trouble. Hopefully more people will have spiritual awakenings and actually live their faiths instead of compartmentalizing it to Sunday morning. I am sorry for your frustrations. May you have a blessed day.

  2. Beautiful, truthful thoughts, Olivia. It was actually really refreshing to read this because I feel the same way! I am not the only one?! ;)
    You are right – the change starts with us. I want to live a passionate, enflamed life for Jesus Christ that will shed sparks on those around me. Thank you for encouraging me to fan the flame.

    God bless you, girl!

  3. So true Olivia! I have had the same thoughts on my heart. Where is that flame that is supposed to be alive and thriving inside the souls of Christ’s children? Where is the passion that should be overtaking us and pushing us closer and closer to our Father’s side?

    My latest post is about something similar, so I was amazed to read this…it mirrors my thoughts and emotions nearly exactly.

    Thanks for the encouragement.
    In His arms,

  4. I would be honored to be added to your blogroll! :) And likewise, is it ok with you if I add you to my recommended blogs?

    Yes, I definitely think we are kindred in many ways. I’m excited to get to know you better!

  5. Hi Olivia!

    My mom, Jill Samter, told me to go look at your blog…..so I did! I absolutely LOVE this post because I feel the same way about our teen generation and our lack of passion for Christ in our churches.

    Thank you so much for sharing and I can’t wait to come back to your blog to read more!

    God Bless,

    Lexi McCreary

  6. Oh, and may I add you to my favorite blogs?


    Lexi McCreary

  7. Kaysie: Thank you. You are for sure not the only one that feels this way! I also wanted to let you know that I see so many signs of grace in your life and you are setting a radiant example. It is easy to see the flame that shines in you.

    Abigail: Amen! And I would be honored to be on your recommended blogs! Thank you. :)

    Lexi: Thank you so much. I am really glad you enjoyed my blog. I was looking at your mom’s blog and I really like it. We adopted my little sister and would like to adopt more but God hasn’t given us the go ahead yet. I saw that she had Adoption3:16 as one of her favorite blogs, I am actually super close friends with the Edwards family (Mrs. Edwards’ son Trey helped me get the blog set up in the first place.). I would be honored to have you add me to your favorite blogs! Thanks again! God bless you!

  8. Dad

    It’s easy to die for Christ, in theory. It is much harder to live for him, in normal and routine ways. I agree we desperately need passion and I also think it will take persecution to get there. But we must be very humble in assessing our ability to endure. For most of us, we fail so miserably to stand for Christ when there is even a remote chance of negative personal impact that I wonder if we would really hold up as well as we would like to think.

    My desire and prayer is that God will be revival and awakening to His church and that it will not be necessary to endure tremendous persecution. Scripture and history suggest that usually revival comes out of the heat of persecution’s flames, but not always. May God grant us His grace to love him passionately regardless of what the future may hold.

  9. Rick Metrick

    Lukewarm Christianity is the subject of a recently published by called “The Yawning Church,” by Dr Metrick. Look it up!

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