Glorifying God with Facebook

 Facebook is the “big thing” of our time. I personally love it. I have got in contact with people I haven’t seen for years and have been able to keep in touch easily with friends that live far away. My blog posts are imported as notes and they are read by some of my friends that would probably forget to actually check out my blog. I have been able to connect with non-Christians I know and I hope that I will be able to witness to them through Facebook.

 For those of you who are on Facebook, you know that it can become addicting and pointless. There are plenty of time wasting things on Facebook and you can say that you are only going to be on for ten minutes and end up on for a few hours. You can easily loose sight of how it can be a witness and just see it as a social thing. It is hard to keep the purpose in Facebook, but as one friend of mine said once, “Where would we be without Facebook?”. It is a love hate thing. Depending on how you use it, it can be a tool or a weapon. And just like using tools like a hammer or saw, it can be used for good, or it can really hurt you. I want to share some resolutions I made about Facebook to remind me to use it as a tool:

    I will spend my time of it wisely; interacting with people in order to share truth with them and point them to the cross. To encourage my fellow believers and share the gospel with the lost.

    I will stop spending time looking at pointless applications like flair and bumper stickers (those of you who have Facebook understand what I am talking about).

    I will pray for whoever is online at any given time. (Looking at my online friends and praying for them.)

    I will not be ashamed to vocally praise my savior, but take every chance to praise Him and share my joy with others. I will speak openly about what Christ has done.

    I will respond to comments with grace, love, kindness, love for Jesus, and a good attitude.

    The time I spend on Facebook will be spent in a way that is not wasted, that I would be pleased to be doing when Christ returns or my last day on earth.

    I will have nothing on FB that I would be ashamed of. Only things that agree with the Bible, things with a Biblical worldview, outlook, attitude, stance, truth.

    I will not be timid about sharing my faith and standing up for is but proclaim the cross. I will be ready to give an answer to any who ask or even to those that don’t.


Now I know some of these are redundant but this was just how they came to my mind and how I wrote them down in a little notebook. If you are on Facebook I encourage you to make some of your own resolutions about how you spend your time on it. When you are doing things on it ask yourself if what you are doing is bringing glory to God. If the answer is “no” then do something else. Also, if you are one of my blog friends and I do not have you as a friend on Facebook and you have a Facebook, please contact me and we can get connected there. Soli Deo Gloria


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3 responses to “Glorifying God with Facebook

  1. Olivia, this is great. Thanks for sharing, and now I’m headed to add you as my friend. :)

  2. Hi Olivia,
    I was browsing around random blogs tonight and praying that God would show me something…someone that could encourage me and identify with me. God led me straight to your blog–you write so beautifully! I read through several of your blog entries and I was so enthralled and inspired. Your ardency for Christ is so bold and passionate in your writing.

    As far as this particular post goes…I completely know where you’re coming from! I have found myself countless times being swept into the world of Facebook, unable to pull myself away. Strange how almost everything in the world has both benefits and drawbacks. I guess that’s what makes it so beautiful when we are able to see the good in things through the vision of Christ.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! I hope to be able to keep in touch! : )

    In His arms,

  3. This is cool, I should try these if I get a facebook.

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