Own Your Life? (Continued, They Found the Secret)

 Well when I wrote the previous post I thought that I was done. Well obviously not. Let me start with how I decided I had more to add.

 On Sunday there was a small table with some books on it that were to give away outside the church library. They were books that usually looked older and were the ones that weren’t used as much. On that table was a book called They Found the Secret: Twenty Transformed Lives that Revealed a Touch of Eternity. I looked at the back and it had Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, John Bunyan, Oswald Chambers, and D.L. Moody so I decided to take it. I enjoy biographies, even if I already own a ton.

 This book isn’t a normal biography! Not in the least sense. Last night as I read the Introduction and the first chapter that was on Hudson Taylor I was blown away. This book isn’t of what these people did, it isn’t about what their ministry is, it isn’t about how they touched the hearts of the world. It is about their spiritual journeys. How they found the secret of life. What made them such amazing people. Let me share with you a quote from the introduction;

 “Every now and then we come across a life that is radiant, revealing a richness, a warmth, a triumph that intrigues and challenges us… Out of discouragement and defeat they have come into victory. Out of weakness and weariness they have been made strong. Out of ineffectiveness and apparent uselessness they have become efficient and enthusiastic.”

 A huge part of this was focusing solely on Christ. Caring for nothing else other than him. That is how these men and women found the secret. They came to a point in their lives were they could no longer go on without Jesus. They came to a place where they were broken and tempted, hurting and lonely, when they cried out to the Lord to fill them. To take their meager lives and make them so much better.

 Throughout the first chapter I was underlining passages and writing notes in the margins. I was just finding so much truth in this book. This is what I wrote at the bottom of the last page of the chapter:

I must decrease so that he may increase. Only Jesus should matter. I am nothing, he is everything. He is the God of everything, I am dust. I have nothing to offer, he has everything. May my life be exchanged for one far more beautiful. May he fill my every thought. May he give me rest, joy, and a peace that passes all understanding.

 So that is what I took from what I have read of this book so far. I would love you all to read this book too. I think it will be a great encouragement. Another thing I learned is to not judge a book by it’s cover. I really hope that you guys read this book and it will strengthen you all.

In Christ Alone, Nobody <><


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6 responses to “Own Your Life? (Continued, They Found the Secret)

  1. Trey Edwards

    Wow. I loved the last two posts, very well written (and you know how picky I am :D ). I absolutely LOVE the quote. :D

    I’ve been reading The Bravehearted Gospel in my spare time (which isn’t much [I’m up at 12:14 am. go figure. :D ]), and it is really good, although he appears to be a very inexperienced writer. The message he presents is amazing, though. I hope to write a review on my blog soon.

  2. Thanks Trey. I think Eric’s style of writing is just different. This[The Bravehearted Gospel] is the third book I have read by him and I have thought they were all well written. See they have a more personal, one-on-one conversation, sharing-their-life-story-in-a-coffee-shop, sort of feel to it. Very laid back. It isn’t like a lot of other books out there, but I like it for that. The Ludys are really radical people and their books are far more blunt (in a loving way) and bold than a lot of other Christian authors out there.

  3. Trey Edwards

    That was not what I meant by not well-written. I appreciate his very unique style of writing, but he is bad at choosing what words to use in his sentences, and at making his sentences mean what he wants them to mean, and it occasionally gets confusing. It’s not that bad, it just makes some of what he says open to attack because someone can say he said one thing, which, from a grammar point of view, he did, but it wasn’t what he meant at all.

  4. Leslie S

    Have you read the Ludy’s book When God writes your LIfe Story…in chapter 4 they talk about Hudson Taylor, DL Moody, John Bunyan, Oswald Chambers and Amy Carmichael…I bet they read the same book you are talking about!!! He talked about how eachof these faithful servants…came to a point of disillusionment/discouragement in their ministry…IN THEIR MINISTRY…and they cried out to God…and “found the secret” …which was to completely give up their lives for the life of Christ. This reminds me of a neat teaching we learned many years ago from Winkey Pratney. He taught about the river coming from the temple in Ezekiel 47 and how our christian walk has similar phases…at first the river is at our ankles which represents our newness in Christ-we are cleansed..the blood of Christ cleanses our sin similar to our dirty feet being washed by the Lord..we are freed…it is fun to run and splash in water that is up to your ankles and there is a lot of mobility there-self mobility. Then the water goes to our knees..this is as we mature in Christ…when you wade in the water at the beach up to your knees, you will find that the water starts to sway and pull you…you are not as in control anymore. As a christian, you are being discipled..your old ways are becoming new as your transformation is taking place..you start to look like/talk like and act like a christian…then the water goes to your loins, which represents your creative self…your strengths, and abilities…God has given you these, but as you grow in your giftings…you become self reliant, maybe even prideful of who God has made you …and now the water up to your loins is very powerful…and very hard to manuever in. It is at this point that Winkey says many people have their “darkness of God”…where they become disillusioned…the Ludy’s talk about it in this book..that the work of the ministry got them so busy that it replaced their relationship with Christ. When we choose to go deeper in the water…where it is over our heads and we no longer control it..it controls us..then we have abandoned our life for His…and He moves us in the current where he wants us to go. I know I am not there yet! Winkie talked about our lives going through this cycyle probably many times…as we learn to let more and more of ourselves go, and let the Lord have rulership over different aspects of our lives. I enjoyed reading a few of your blogs, we are leaving for a trip in about 6 hours, so i have to get some sleep, but I’ll come back to read more of your blogs later. I’d love to read the book when your done!

  5. I have read When God Writes Your Love Story, but I don’t seem to remember that part. I will refresh myself with that chapter soon! I would love to share the book you guys. I will bring it to youth group or church when I am done, hopefully that will be soon. I am trying to read a chapter a day, and maybe I will get more since I am taking a week off the computer. I have enjoyed having fellow “Ludy fans” at church. You were to one that gave “When Dreams Come True” to the older girls, and it has been really cool to be able to have friends with the same desire for a God written love story. I suppose you wont be at youth group on Wednesday, so I guess I wont see you until next Wednesday. Have a great trip!

  6. It is so true that the secret really isn’t a secret – it is simply seeking and knowing Christ as the greatest treasure of all. And that is only made possible because of His sacrifice on the cross to reconcile us to God. He is the only place true satisfaction can be found! It reminds me of Desiring God (I see you have the site linked).

    Found you through the Kindred Spirit Network. :-)

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