Bella Movie Review

Yesterday, August 7th, me and my brother sat down early afternoon to watch a movie I had been highly anticipating. The movie was one I had heard from Alex and Brett Harris, had the power not to only change lives but to save them as well. I had also heard that it was good by other sources and really wanted to see it.So what did I think? It was a great movie. I loved it. The story line was original. The acting was amazing. The cinematography was brilliant. It was one of the best movies I have probably seen this year. We are going to buy it soon hopefully since my parents didn’t get to see it and we both loved it. So what is this movie about?

It is a hard movie to explain without giving it away so I will just use the synopsis from the website.

“An international soccer star is on his way to sign a multi million dollar contract when a series of events unfold that bring his career to a abrupt end. A beautiful waitress, struggling to make it in New York City, discovers something about herself that she in unprepared for. In one irreversible moment, their lives are turned upside down… until a simple gesture of kindness brings them both together, turning an ordinary day into an unforgettable experience.”

This movie is sort of pro life. It is in favor of adoption. It shows the joys of it. The blessed rewards, also it shows the pain of abortion. I have heard that it has convinced quite a few people to give their unborn babies up for adoption instead of aborting them. This movie also promotes the value of friendship. And not the feel good, shallow friendship, but the dedicated, Christ like, loving-in-every-circumstance friendship. It also shows a true gentleman.

This movie is rated PG13 but it is cleaner than most PG movies (it is PG for a half second clip of a dead, bloody body). There is no swearing, and really no negative stuff at all. They dealt with pregnancy in a very clean way, making no inappropriate references, nothing. I was very pleased with it. It is really a family film.

So go check out
 You can see the trailer and check it out more. If you have watched it already tell me what you think. God bless.


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