Don’t Waste Your Life


This is not a challenge for the timid, the cowards, the lazy, the bums. This is a challenge for the brave, the strong, the noble, the hard workers, the radical fanatics. So which will you be? I can’t make that choice for you. Only you can choose whether you want to give God your all and live a life with a meaning to it. Or you can live a life that has no meaning, a life without purpose. Which sounds more exciting? More profitable? More enjoyable, yet harder at the same time? For me to not waste my life is my choice. Will it be yours? I hope and pray that it will be. I don’t want you to look back on your life and say, “I’ve wasted it”. That would be worse than just a pity.

So, will you take the road less traveled, one that has bumps on it? A rough road but a road that leads to true fulfillment? Or a road that is often used? A road that is smooth, but in the end leads to pain and death? A road that when you come to the end realize that you did it all for nothing? As my brother would say, “I don’t want to live if there is nothing to die for”. I agree.

There is something worth dying for. That is the gospel. The unwasted life is one focused on the gospel and sharing it and doing God’s will. No matter if you do good things, without God with you they will all fade away. They are vain and fleeting. They come and go and no one will ever care. But when we do things to glorify God and do things for him, or life is full. It is not wasted. It has purpose, we can go back to the original purpose of man, to glorify God. The original purpose of man is beyond our comprehension because it was perfect. An unwasted life is one that seeks to go back to that purpose.

So to repeat my challenge here it is in different wording: “Live everyday like it is your last. With meaning, with purpose, and with joy.” Let me know if you take me up on this challenge. I will pray for you. I know some of you have already taken this challenge upon your shoulders. Please share a comment on how this has changed you and the results of this in your life. I am praying for all of you.

In Christ alone,

Nobody <><


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2 responses to “Don’t Waste Your Life

  1. Have you read the book with the same title as this post by John Piper? It was an amazing read for me, and a worldview shifting one personally. Amen to your post! There is nothing worth dying for except for the glory of God through Jesus Christ.

    May God bless you for the encouragement that you are. :)

  2. This is amazing!!! I truly love it!

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