Obama Video

 Well I just found this video that I thought was actually very funny. I found it at www.4ever4given.com. The author of that blog’s sons plays in the band Vivit. Josh has visited my blog before and has left a comment (not the blazingpretzel Josh) and I have talked to him via rebelution forum PMs. I hope you enjoy.

In Christ alone,

Nobody <><



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3 responses to “Obama Video

  1. This is very true. It further exposes the hypocrisy of these left-wing politicians. I may post this video on my blog as well. Thanks for letting me know about it.

    Erik B.

  2. Awesome Tony!

    I’d like to hear more conservative and Christian leaders come out more on this.

    Especially since abortion is going to bring down such severe judgment from God. We must warn the people!

    Thanks for posting.

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