8 Reasons Why People Don’t Share Their Faith

I love this video!!!!! I found it through the Rebelution video channel on YouTube. I hope you enjoy.

What are the reasons that you don’t share your faith? Are they reasons on here, or do you have some other reasons? Please share them with me! Just to review these are the reasons (also for Erik):

8)Might get beat-up, 7)Wont make sense, 6)Might be made fun of, 5)Wont know how to start, 4)I’ll be a bad witness, 3)I’ll say the wrong thing(Remember, as the Buddha, he was the holy cow, who ate the golden tablets…Wait! That’s not right!), 2)They will think I am a religious nut, 1)I don’t know enough.

I Also recommend going to my friend Erik’s blog and reading his series on evangelism. (http://www.ecbrownblog.com/evangelism-series/) It is very good. Also, the whole series came out of a request I had for him. So that is sweet. I can’t wait to hear back from all of you.

In Christ,




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8 responses to “8 Reasons Why People Don’t Share Their Faith

  1. Nice video clip sweetie! (yes, this is your mom speaking).
    I wanted to add some suggestions:
    *There are some reasons that people don’t share their faith that are just outright excuses and therefore sin (the sin of omission).
    *But, if there are reasons such as being a poor example or lack of knowledge, then confess your sin, repent and seek Jesus, THEN read the Word more deeply and study alone and with a group.
    *If my life is messed up AND I have not memorized any Scripture to prepare to share my faith, then I need to re-evaluate my intentions. It is wise to seek to be wise.
    *On the other, we don’t need ALL of the answers…stick to the basics and don’t let unbelievers put up road blocks and sidetrack you.
    *HOWEVER, sometimes they have valid questions that need to be answered before they are ready to truly commit.
    *Be patient and Remember that we are looking to see a complete heart conversion, not just getting someone to pray “the prayer” (which is not a conversion at all….just another work or false fire insurance).
    *Take time to engage in conversation and search the Scriptures together, then when they commit it will be the real thing.
    *Evangelism can be a process that can take time (not necessarily a fast event). Some people need to ponder on the Truth before it sinks in, others see the Truth immediately.
    *Be bold, but not obnoxious.
    *Be truthful, but not harsh.
    *Be loving, but not a pushover.
    *Be patient, but urgent (“now is the time of Salvation”)
    *WE don’t convert people. That is GOD’S job. We cannot save anyone.
    *It is our job/command to TELL and Preach the Word, but it is the Holy Spirit who will call and choose.
    *Don’t take credit, just be thankful that you can share in the joy.
    *Don’t take it personally. They are not rejecting you, they are rejecting God.
    *We are called to be FAITHFULL, NOT successful.
    END of Sermon!

  2. Hi Olivia,

    Thank you for recommending my blog series. Please change the link to the following http://www.ecbrownblog.com/evangelism-series/ (It is a direct link to the series), Thank you and have a great day!! :)

  3. Trey Edwards

    2)They will think I am a religious nut.

    Guess what?



  4. AMEN!!!!!!!! I totally agree Trey!!!!! But actually I don’t like to call myself religious because religion is man trying to reach up to God. I might explain it in future posts.

  5. Hey! :D I found your blog through the Rebelution forum. I hadn’t seen this video before, so thanks for sharing it. I liked your mom’s comments on it too. :)

  6. It all depends on how you define “religion”…

  7. Mom: Thanks for the comment. when I first saw it I got confused because I was thinking “Wait, I didn’t get an email about a new comment” then “Wait, I didn’t write that comment”. haha
    Oksana: Hi. I am glad you visited. I have visited your website too.
    Josh: I totally agree. Have you heard any sermons by Mark Driscol. If not I have a link in my resources page to his stuff. He has shaped my thinking (and my dad’s) very much. I think you would enjoy him, he is hilarious too so you can listen to his sermons for hours! (Well at least I can!)

  8. Tim

    Is there any chance I could get a file of your video that I could show to our youth/church? How would I get it? Thank you!!

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