OK, before I start talking about camp I want to say how sorry I am for the virus!!!!!! I totally started freaking out when I heard about it, and as Trey said, I was out of town so I had no clue anything was going on. It frustrates me how people can get joy out of doing random evil to people. Thanks AGAIN to Trey for stopping it and all that. And to Trey’s brother (I am not sure which one it was, he has 4), thanks for finding it. Again I am so sorry and I hope it didn’t affect anyone. The good part about this happening when I was gone is the fact that my computer doesn’t have good protection against viruses (at least I don’t think it is very good, I am not very familiar with software and stuff) and it could have damaged my computer that we just got over a year ago. Ok, anyway, what’s done is done.

 Well, camp was a blast. It started out with being able to share the gospel (my dad and me) with the girl that was riding to camp with us. Then I got to camp and found out that a friend of mine was a Jr. counselor (sort of, she is 17 and more of just extra staff), but it was really fun to talk to her since I don’t see her much. I got to hang out with all my old friends and meet new ones.

 Chapel was great. It was a lot of the same stuff as last year (I actually had the exact same notes from one of the sessions) but it was still really good. Dan Hubbard is just a great, hilarious guy! 

 As you can imagine with Jr. High girls, there was a good deal of crying. I got a really cool opportunity to comfort some of my friends. To hug them and promise to pray for them was really cool. The funny part was that I didn’t cry during chapel or when I was praying, but rather when I was hugging the other girls that were crying. Also the last night we worshiped for about an hour and when we were singing slow songs and a bunch of girls were raising their hands in praise to their saviour and God, the presence of God was so strong and overwhelming. God was truly there! It was amazing! I did start crying. It was just so wonderful.

 I just really hope these changes last. He told the girls to take a stand for Jesus and most of them decided to. There were also girls there that accepted Jesus as their Savior. Pray that it was a true heart thing and it will be truly something that will change their lives and hearts. The girl that we had shared the gospel with accepted Christ. I hope that they wont go back to her broken homes and decide that Jesus is not enough and that he can’t mend their hearts.

 Well, if you guys have any other questions about how my week went, feel free to ask. I don’t want this to get too long so I am not posting every detail.  Oh, one thing that was awesome was the skit! We did this skit about Esther when she was in the harem and all the girls were doing the beauty treatments and had to decide what they were going to wear before the king. It was great!

In Christ,



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One response to “CAMP WAS A BLAST!!!!

  1. Meghan

    Hey, loved the post Olivia! Camp is sooooo awesome, I cried too on Thursday night when we worshipped the night away. God’s power and love can really do that to a person.

    Meghan: )

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