Can We “Figure out” God?

It is totally mind blowing and earth shaking how holy and glorious God is. Perfect, pure, without ANY sin, the maker of the entire universe, yet care enough about us to send his song to die, it is beyond human minds to comprehend. Sadly though, we live a time where people fail to see how holy God is. They think of God as this big guy that sits in the clouds and tells us what to do. Or maybe people just associate God with “good feelings” and think that he is sort of flaky. Most people make one of the wort assumptions ever; that God is “simple”. Most people think they have God totally figured out.  Even more so Christians.

 We have heard the Bible stories. We know that God is good, loving, he hates sin, he is our comforter, he sent his son to die for us, he does amazing things, yada, yada, yada. But how well do we truly know God? Our small, simple, finite minds can’t even begin to comprehend a God so amazing, so awe inspiring. And a lot of people don’t even try to. They make a huge mistake.

 When we seek to know God and to understand him, we are truly blown away. No one that truly understands God can not just want to worship and fall down at his feet in adoration. When we went to Montana I was blown away by seeing the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Looking at God’s creation and knowing that he is bigger than all of this, blew me away. I tried to capture my feelings in a song, but there really wasn’t a way to do that. It was just so beyond me. Especially being on top on a mountain, just looking out over miles and miles and miles of land. Seeing all these other mountains around me… it was amazing!

 A great song on this subject is What Do I know Of Holy, by Addison Road. It is a wonderful pop-hymn about the holiness and glory of God. I wrote down my thoughts on this song and I will share them with anyone who wants them. Really take some time to explore God’s amazingness and holiness. It will bring us to our knees.

In Christ, who is glorious and praiseworthy,




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6 responses to “Can We “Figure out” God?

  1. Trey Edwards

    You can attach documents as a file to posts. I would suggest doing that for stuff like this, so anyone who want it can download it.

  2. Trey Edwards

    Oh, and, wonderful post! :D

  3. Yes, great post, Oblivia. It really is amazing that God would even care to show us that He is really there.


  4. Once people find out my nick name it seems like they can call we nothing else. haha

  5. Wover

    How true this is (not about the nickname, although this might very well apply to that too), and sad it is that people think this about God.


  6. And the amazing thing about this is that he calls us to pursue holiness, he tells us to “be holy as I am holy”. He sets the standards impossibly high, but that means that if we strive for complete holiness (through the power of JC) we wont make it but we will sure get closer than if we didn’t try, or the standards were lower. My friend was pointing this out in regards to “Do Hard Things”. I think this applies to many things though.

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