National Day For Justice

 I just remembered that today is the National Day For Justice. So I wanted you to take a few minutes to pray for justice, and those who are fighting for justice. Zach Hunter (who I mentioned in my post on slavery), and all the people fighting to end slavery in particular. Funny, I was just working on some things for my church’s campaign to end slavery. I just sent some stuff for the person who is doing the bulletin insert for me. Ironic hu? So I am going to go upstairs and work on a few things for my current fight for justice. I think that is a good way to spend the rest of Justice day. Ooo, I got to order cups! I almost forgot! Well I have to go! Take a look at my post on slavery, entitled “Slavery”.

In Christ,



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8 responses to “National Day For Justice

  1. When you say “Justice”, do you mean specifically slavery (since that’s what the rest of your post ended up being about), or all kinds of justice?

  2. It is justice in general. It just naturally makes me think of slavery… Maybe I should have made that clearer… Also, since I am currently working to pursue justice in the abolishing slavery sense, it just was natural for me to write about slavery.
    In Christ,
    P.S. The day for the abolition of slavery in Dec. 2 and the day that my church will be done raising money. Please pray that this will be beneficial!

  3. What do you have to order cups for?

  4. To collect the change for the LC2LC project.

  5. Trey Edwards

    Updates?! Details?! How’s the fundraiser going? What are you guys going to be doing?

  6. Ok I’ll give you the update! (Just to let you know I opened up my inbox and I was like, “Trey is back? Cool, if he isn’t he must have gotten Internet connection and decided to comment.”)
    Tomorrow is the official start of the fund raising. We probably wont get much tomorrow because it is the first time people are hearing about this. My dad is preaching so he will mention it and we JUST (I know that was last minute) finished a display. I actually had came down to get a jar to collect money in when I decided to check my email. Then next Sunday I will be speaking to the whole church about it. I am also talking to you on Meebo right now so I think I’ll stop.

  7. Wover

    I suggest that you put a link or something to give a way for people to donate, that way the people who read your blog can help, not just hear about it. :)


  8. There are three links in my “organizations” part on the sidebar. Also in my post on slavery there are links to International Justice Mission and Free The Slaves, both of them I have looked into and are supported by LC2LC. Zach Hunter’s mom actually works for IJM. I just found that out a few days ago and thought that was funny since my dad applied years ago to them when he was still a lawyer.

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