ME ME ME!!!!! (Me, myself, and I!)

 Modern day Christianity has become very celfcentered and “ME” focused. It has become about pleasing people instead of pleasing God. We center our churches around how to make converts instead of how to please the Lord (just to note:obviously it is not wrong to make converts.). We have lost focus on Jesus and his wonderful death on the cross. These videos dramatize our self worship. I want to hear feed back on this topic and hear what you all have to say about it.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you!

In Christ, Olivia <><



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10 responses to “ME ME ME!!!!! (Me, myself, and I!)

  1. I would have put the word “converts” in quotation marks to mark some sarcasm. Because although it’s good to make converts, I don’t think that we’ll get any true converts by singing Prosperity Praise and Me
    Worship. I don’t think people will truly convert by catering to their wants.

  2. Ok, I have some questions for all of you (probably just Josh, but oh well!).
    1) Have you seen churches that all they are focused on is getting people? In the end how did that work out?

    2) What do we do to guard our hearts against self worship? Have you seen idolatry in your own life?

    In Christ,

  3. Olivia,
    Just letting you know I responded to your comment on my blog. Sorry for the loooooooong post.

    I with I had high speed internet so I could watch the videos. Have you noticed how modern worship music is so emotional? It’s like the singers are trying to make something happen. They think that the way they are singing has some effect on the people. Which it does. But isn’t God the One who is supposed to be “effecting” the people. God is the one who is working in hearts and lives. Does He need “perfect” music to get people in the right mood so He can change them? Something to think about. :)
    Erik B.

  4. Erik,
    I personally am a fan of more expressive worship. And modern worship style. It makes it so hard to worship if the leaders aren’t passionate. It is harder for me to worship to an organ than drums. But I am realizing that worship isn’t all about me and that no matter what the music is like I still need to worship the Lord with all I have. But I do agree that he doesn’t have to get us in the “perfect” mood for him to change us. Just that music styles do have an effect on different people.
    In Christ,

  5. I agree with Blazingpretzel.

    On your first question: Isn’t that what many mega churches are? I think I’ve seen one (Joel Osteen’s one). He doesn’t mention the words “hell”, “sin” and “devil” (I found that out on a CBN interview with him), and it seems to have turned out to be only about feeling good and how to stay that way all the time. The gospel is waaaaaay more than that.

    Second question: Worship God. Really, truly, consiously, actively turn all glory to the Lord and remember it’s Him Who gave the physical, mental, emotional etc. strength to do whatever you’re doing (I feel like I’m writing an encouraging reminder to myself. I thank God for it! :-D ).

  6. Yep, exactly what I was saying Meshaay! I am so ticked off with Joel Osteen and his false teaching! It just frustrates me that in the largest church in America the cross is not present ANYWHERE in hte church!!!! The cross is the reason for our entire faith. I love Amy Carmichael’s quote, “If I covet any place on earth more than the dust at the foot of the cross, then I know nothing of Calvary Love.” But we need to love our enemies. And that is what I have decided to do. I am trying to pray for Joel Osteen, because he sure needs Christ!
    In Christ alone,

  7. Hey Olivia!

    I LOVE these videos (duh). If thought about properly, they really get the point across. It’s NOT ABOUT MEEE. See, we try to be so attractive and likeable, but all we have to do is be like Christ. Ha. Sounds easy when you put it like that, but it’s not. And we all know it, but we pray and we find out who Christ is and that will help us to become more like him. I’m not really sure if this is all relevant, but whatever, its still good info. I hope.

  8. I am not against expressive worship. Matter of fact we have a full band at our church and I play the electric guitar with them. I like upbeat music.

    Last week a listened to part of a cd and the worship leader was so emotional. He slurred his words and you could barely understand him. I didn’t like it at all.

    When worship leaders start singing about trees and hurricanes I get lost. I am not a fan of certain types of worship music. Just my thoughts! :)

    BTW. I watched the “me church” video. *Open mouthed astonishment.*

  9. Ok, sorry I misunderstood. I should have remembered you are a fellow guitar player from your graduation slide show pics. Silly me. Yeah, I get what you are saying about the random things that can be in worship songs. We need to keep the gospel the center of our worship, and our lives. That is cool that your church actually has a full band. Our church tries to please both the “old” people and the more contemporary people. We don’t have drums or electric guitar, actually we have bongos. Our worship band for our youth group was amazing this year. I am not sure about this coming year though since my brother is the only one who has done it before. And next year we might not even have one (which is really sad because it would be the first year I would be able to play).

  10. Wover

    This is just sad. I don’t see how these people even go to church and confess belief, they don’t care at all about God, Christianity, and spreading the Word. They love one thing, themselves.


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