Yes, I Am Writing Yet Another Post

Hola, como esta? (aka, hello. How are you?)

Well I just wanted to share three or four things with you as briefly as I can.

Well I am going to be contributing to a new blog called Seekers of Truth. It hasn’t started yet but should be up and running in a few weeks. I will give you guys a link to that when the time comes. (And yes, it was ANOTHER rebelution forum connection.) I will be writing on what the Bible says about modern day stuff (abortion, ect.).

 I found a fellow abolitionist! (Via rebelution forums again.) She is looking at starting an organization that frees slave then teaches them the gospel. I am going to be doing whatever I can to help and we are sharing fundraising idea, ect. She is a fellow music enthusiast so it was really cool that we have that in common. I’ll let you know more later, or if you ask me questions.

 I am going to be working on a campaign called “Worth the Wait” for teenage girls. I will be organizing some things for the campaign since they have plenty of writers (and I am already doing a lot of writing!). I can give anyone that wants more info the details. Pretty much it is about being a girl that is worth the wait. I’ll let you know more once we get the website set up. (Yes, another forum connection.)

 Last but not least… I am doing the Alabaster Hearts interview for Kaysie (from Alabaster box and cross-eyed blogs) and will have that link soon. I should be sending her my answers to my questions tomorrow. So I’ll let you know more later.

Talk to you later. Bye

P.S. I have enough on my plate that I think I am going to not volunteer for awhile(lol). Working on all these projects in the long run will be harder then getting them started and all that. So I need to work on pacing myself, especially with school coming up and I will be doing a internship for orchestra teaching and maybe one for teaching Sunday school too. So I think I might need to slow down some. There are just too many things I am passionate about and want to be apart of. But better to be working on these great things than to be wasting my life playing video games!



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3 responses to “Yes, I Am Writing Yet Another Post

  1. Hey girl! Keep up the good work. It is so hard to keep that stuff going after you get the initial start. <3

  2. Wow! Yes, I would definitely like more info and the links when they get the sites set up. Good stuff. :)

  3. Yes Laura,
    That is what I am starting to realize… all my projects I am working on are in their beginning/idea stage. Once they actually take off it will be really crazy. But some things will balance out. For example: by the time Worth The Wait is really up and running I will be done writing my movie script with Caleb (hopefully). But I really hope I have a lot to do this winter because there is nothing to do in MN in the winter and last year I totally wasted my winter watching TV. It was horrible! So that will be good.
    In Christ,

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