My Baptism


Today was my baptism and it was awesome. A very cool time for both me and my dad (who baptised me!)! It was such an awesome thing! I had two of my friends that got baptised today too. Also, it was my grandma’s birthday! So that was another thing that was cool.

 The one draw back… they made us where these really strange pale orange jumpsuits and we looked like prison escapees. We were joking around about how we got out of jail then decided to come get baptised! We felt pretty stupid, and of course, it was COLD!!!! Burr… that was cold! So those were to only bad parts.

 It was just an awesome feeling to be looking at my daddy as he asks me if I have accepted Christ as my savior and if I want to be baptised as a sign of my faith. It was just an amazing moment. It was very special to say the least! So I had a very good day.

 It was also encouraging to have so many people come up to me to congratulate me. I guess that is just when you get when your a PK. Two women that worked with me just in our elementary Wednesday night program in memory verses a few years back (and one of them is the grandma of a close friend) said that it was cool for them to see the outward sign since they had seen the inward for awhile. That really meant a lot.

 So I had a great day! Though as I said before, being baptised is not what makes you a Christian, it is just a sign. I was a Christian before I was baptised, and now I just have given my outward sign. Also I think a friend of mine will be able to come to camp in about a week! That will be great. Which brings me to camp. I will be gone for almost two weeks (hopefully) but what I will do is write a lot this week and set it to be published on different days so that my ratings don’t drop to 1 per day! So one week I will actually be AT camp and the next week I will either be at my very close friend’s house (her dad is the camp director) (since my dad is speaking that week) or we will both be on the canoe trip which would be fun too. We are going to figure this out at camp. (I am really happy that she can even go because she is actually too old (by only one year) but since there are tons of opening she can! YAY) So that is my plan.

See you all later! (Actually I probably will never meet most of you…) Soli Deo Gloria!

In Christ Alone!

Olivia <><


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