For All You Southern Peeps

I seem to be getting a lot of southern people on here. TN, AL, ect. and I wanted to show you what a Minnesotan winter looks like. I was looking at the pictures on our camera and I though you guys might enjoy! Just to let you know, these pictures were taken is APRIL!!!!!!!!!

We got a 27 inch blizzard in April and we weren’t very happy about it! I hope you liked seeing the pain (and white fluff) that we go through in the winters! (Our winter was about 6 months this year!)

In Christ,




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7 responses to “For All You Southern Peeps

  1. AH
    looks like torture

  2. LAURA!!!! YAY! You visited me! Now I got to check out your website. I have seen the magazine you are writing for and it is very good. It is so nice of you to visit. I’ll talk to you later.
    In Christ,
    P.S. The good thing about the snow is skiing!!! I LOVE skiing and it is the highlight of my winter. (What else do I have to look forward too?)

  3. Some of my friends would give anything to see snow on the ground like that. Good pictures.

  4. I do like the snow…. but after 6 MONTHS of it we are just so ready for it to go. A person from our church was saying in May (we got like 3 inches in May) that if we got another snow storm she would start walking south and not stop until she got somewhere warm! But it was fun to walk halfway around our block during a blizzard!!!!! My older brother and I were rolling around in the snow and going crazy. And my dad stopped every few feet to measure the snow. Quite fun!
    In Christ,

  5. Of course I’d visit your blog! I have before this post, just not commented. Shame on myself….

  6. Wow, that looks like a lot of snow. I am totally envious! Lol.

    I’m hoping for that much this winter.

    RYC: I have four sisters so I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched and heard Little Women. But hey, it is a pretty good book ;)


  7. Wover

    27 inches!!!

    Were lucky to get five an entire year in Alabama!!!!



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