Contact info for me

Hey all,

 Just wanted to let you know that if you want to contact me in a way other than comments, you can email my dad at . He wants to make sure that nothing is inappropriate (you never know with the internet!) and all that stuff, isn’t that sweet? He will forward the emails (that he aproves of) onto me. So if you have any questions, suggestions, (and anything else that ends in ions) you can reach me that way. I hope that this helps.

In Christ Alone,

Olivia (Nobody) <><



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3 responses to “Contact info for me

  1. Trey Edwards

    Wow! Tell your dad he’s pretty awesome! Most parents just let their kids loose on the Internet, and never bother to keep track of their activities, and hold them accountable to, and safe from, the places they go to.

  2. randominchrist

    Maybe you could make this post into a page so that it’s easier to find.

    In Christ

  3. nobody416

    Meshaay: I also put my dad’s email on my “About Me” page for future people so I think that will work. (and as I said before… I LOVE your name!)

    Trey: My dad agrees that he is awesome! He calls himself the gatekeeper (from Song of Solomon 8:9) talking about how if a young woman, not of the age to marry yet is a door (easily persuaded by men and romance) then her father and brothers should bolt her up (protect her). But if she is a wall (the opposite of what I just said) then her father and brothers should be her gatekeeper (support her and give extra help fighting off guys). So I see that as a complement!!!!!
    In Christ,

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